DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System


DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System

Mobility, Versatility and Economy

The DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System has arrived. If you have budget constraints — but refuse to compromise on quality — this fully integrated unit delivers all the key benefits of mobile DR. Achieve new levels of productivity, image quality and enhanced patient care.

  • Lithium battery provides the power for non-stop productivity, allowing your team to drive farther and capture more images with a single charge.
  • Two work zones include a large main display and a tube head display that keeps key controls at your fingertips and let users control the system without leaving the patient’s side.
  • The ImageView Software Eclipse engine leverages AI and proprietary algorithms for pristine image quality and unrivaled dose control.
  • Bedside imaging minimizes disruption and vastly improves the patient experience.
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DeliveringOn the Promise of Mobile DR.

High-qualityimages, an elevated standard of care and excellent ROI – the DRX-Rise deliverswhat matters most to you and your patients.

Imaging Excellence

Count on this system for the image quality that’s essential for accurate diagnoses.

Improved Care

Bedside exams provide the images you require – with no need to transport the patient.

Superb Economy

An affordable purchase price combined with improved productivity delivers a strong return on investment.
Détecteurs DRX

Le détecteur adapté à chaque établissement

Carestream propose un vaste portefeuille de détecteurs de radiologie numérique. Il inclut des modèles sans fil, partageables, fixes et désormais sans verre pour satisfaire vos demandes basées sur le type d’examen, la taille du détecteur, le dosage et le budget.

Solutions pédiatriques

Vous voulez toujours obtenir les meilleures images diagnostiques possibles aux doses les plus faibles possibles, en particulier si le patient est un enfant. C'est la raison pour laquelle Carestream a développé des solutions de radiographie pédiatriques.

  • Conception compacte et maniable, idéale pour parcourir les services de pédiatrie et les soins intensifs néonatals
  • Bras articulés pour un positionnement aisé
  • Les habillages ludiques des systèmes DRX-Revolution et Nano mettent à l'aise les plus jeunes patients
Solutions pédiatriques pour mobile

A New Level of Productivity.

From top to bottom, the DRX-Rise is built with features that accelerate workflow and help you achieve greater efficiency throughout the image-acquisition process

Lithium Battery

State-of-the-art battery technology lets you drive farther and perform more exams on a single charge – saving time and speeding workflow.

Secondary Drive Controls

Supplemental drive controls allow technologists to make small adjustments forward and backward directly from the tube head.

Dual Displays

Two work zones – a main display, plus a tube head display that lets technologists control the system without leaving the patient’s bedside.

Features and Specifications

AI-Based Image Processing
  • ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary algorithms for unrivaled diagnostic confidence.
  • SmartGrid delivers image quality similar to that of a grid, with no physical grid required.
  • A wide range of specialized software offers tube and line visualization, pneumothorax, bone oppression and more.
  • Long-lasting lithium battery lets you drive farther and perform more exams on a single charge.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-maneuver, the system moves smoothly throughout busy facilities and easily handles inclines or barriers.
  • Automatic braking technology senses impacts and safely stops the system.
Ease of Operation
  • Two work zones – a large main display and a tube head display – keep key controls at the technologist’s fingertips.
  • Secondary drive controls on the tube head allow technologists to make small positioning adjustments directly from the tube.
  • A user-friendly collimator allows smooth adjustment, with bright LEDs ensuring visibility of collimation borders.
  • Built-in storage bins keep essential supplies within reach to boost convenience and speed workflow.
  • An in-bin charging option accelerates workflows with charging of two stored detectors.
  • Optional, wireless exposure switch lets radiographers control the collimator light and exposure remotely.
DRX-Rise Mobile X-ray System

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