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Carestream User Group Meeting: “Perfect in every aspect”

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, November 26 — Carestream recently held another highly successful PACS / RIS / VNA User Group Meeting for its UK & I customers at the Macdonald Manchester Hotel. The Agenda covered all aspects of the CARESTREAM Vue Clinical Collaboration Platform, the company’s powerful enterprise imaging solution that allows providers to consolidate, manage and share images and data seamlessly across an enterprise. Several Masterclasses were held covering various topics and giving customers the chance to address questions directly to Carestream Product and Technical Specialists.

Feedback from the delegates was very positive, with one attendee commenting: “All sessions were very informative. I came out of the classes having learned so many tips and ideas to take back with me. The size of the classes was perfect and made it easy for discussion or to ask any questions.” Another said they “Really enjoyed being able to question the experts face to face.”

Attendees at the recent Carestream UK & I RIS / PACS / VNA 2018 User Group Meeting

Attendees at the recent Carestream UK & I RIS / PACS / VNA User Group Meeting