Carestream to Hold Artificial Intelligence Symposium at JFR 2018

Visitors Can Learn More About the Incorporation of AI into Carestream’s Market-Leading Diagnostic Imaging and Healthcare IT Systems

Geneva, October 10—Carestream’s experts will be returning to the Journées Francophones de Radiologie (JFR) Congress this year to demonstrate the company’s most recent diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions (Level 1, Ternes Hall, Booth  N°1T01) and hold an Artificial Intelligence Symposium. Taking place in Paris from 12-15 October, the 2018 JFR event will concentrate on ‘Fair Imaging: For a targeted and personalised treatment’. The four key areas of focus will be: ultrasound; interventional radiology; the relevance of imaging acts; and artificial intelligence (AI). Carestream’s AI Symposium will take place in Room 243, on Level 2, on Saturday October 13 from 12:30 to 1:15PM.

AI has a lot of potential for radiology. Carestream recognises in particular a need for self-improving systems, where algorithms continuously process insights and propose various system configuration adjustments to improve quality and productivity. As well as exploring how it is advancing its diagnostic imaging solutions to keep pace with the evolving radiology sector therefore, visitors to the Carestream booth will also be invited to attend a focussed Symposium on how AI is being incorporated into Carestream’s technology. The company already incorporates third-party algorithmic qualitative results for osteoporosis, lung emphysema, coronary calcification and fatty liver into its Clinical Collaboration Platform.

Carestream solutions being exhibited at JFR 2018 will include:

  • Clinical Collaboration Platform for healthcare IT—Our Clinical Collaboration Platform allows those who provide, manage, receive and reimburse care to access the clinical data and images they need, using the preferred platform for each workflow and setting. Through full integration with an enterprise’s electronic medical or health record, meaningful clinical data within its appropriate context is always available for delivery to key stakeholders. Optional Imaging Analytics software can be integrated with the diagnostic viewer to streamline workflow and help detect findings that radiologists may not notice.
  • Workflow Orchestrator—As part of our Clinical Collaboration Platform, Carestream’s Workflow Orchestrator directs each study to the best radiologist for that particular case, based on subspecialty, location, and affiliation.
  • OnSight 3D Extremity System—The CARESTREAM OnSight 3D Extremity System uses cone beam CT technology to capture high-quality, 3D weight-bearing and other types of extremity exams for orthopaedic practices, imaging centres, and hospitals. This system offers excellent 3D image quality and equips orthopaedic surgeons with enhanced diagnostic content for detecting subtle fractures, soft tissue injuries and other conditions of the hand, wrist, and upper extremities.
  • DRX-Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System—This affordable, fully-integrated DR solution can help speed workflow, boost productivity, and improve standards of care. The unique design builds carbon nano tube technology into a lightweight, budget-friendly system that is perfect to complement existing mobile fleets or serve as a dedicated unit in ICU or paediatric departments. The Nano is not available for commercial sale in the European Union.
  • DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System—The digital radiology industry’s first mobile x-ray system with a fully automatic collapsible column. Powered by a wireless DRX detector, this X-ray room on wheels is easy to manoeuvre and produces fast, high-quality images.
  • DRX-Transportable System/Lite—The solution that makes converting to DR easy and affordable. This system equips facilities to convert room-based or mobile imaging systems to DR through use of a wireless tablet PC, which gives users complete control of the X-ray system and displays diagnostic images as they are acquired.
  • MyVue Center Self-Service Kiosk—A kiosk that equips patients to view and share their medical images and radiology reports with physicians, friends or family members.
  • Managed Print Solutions—With a simple price per print, everything is provided to keep operations running efficiently. Contracts also include access to the CARESTREAM Managed Print Solutions Web Portal, which uses CARESTREAM Smart Link remote technology to track equipment and film usage data by size, printer location and printer in a remotely-accessible dashboard. The web portal includes contract and billing statements, inventory records and film shipment status, providing all the information required to make informed business decisions.
  • DRX-Evolution Plus—Since its introduction, the CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution has set a benchmark for imaging performance in hospitals around the world. It has the power of the X-Factor, with a wireless DRX Plus Detector that works across virtually all imaging systems. Modular in nature, and adaptable to fit individual workspaces, workflows and budgets, it protects from technology obsolescence with its future-proof design.

‘We are really looking forward to this year’s event and particularly our Artificial Intelligence Symposium’, says Christophe Chapot, Regional Business Manager, Healthcare Information Solutions for Carestream France. ‘This is such a rapidly developing and exciting area of our business and one that we are sure visitors to our booth will be keen to discuss with us.’