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INDUSTREX HPX-PRO Portable Digital System

CR for Anywhere NDT Takes You.

The HPX-PRO Portable Digital System is designed for high throughput digital imaging in rugged NDT environments. Lightweight and portable, it can be set-up in less than 5 minutes and process a weld in up to a minute, producing high-quality digital images for quick analysis and rapid final reporting.
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INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software incorporates industry-leading image analysis tools, file sharing and storage management features. Our modular architecture is an all-in-one software suite that eliminates the need to purchase add-on modules for both CR and DR image acquisition.

The HPX-PRO will change the way you work in a mobile environment forever.

Rapid Job Setup

Setup of customer parameters, automated electronic FLASH creation on each image and automatic incremental shot numbering

Approve in Seconds

Designed to process a weld a minute (based on 5-3/4” imaging plate length). Including scanning, erasing and image display on the monitor.

Customized Reporting

Generate a custom-made multi-line or single weld-style reports within seconds with pre-selected data.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16-inches (41cm) x 13-inches (33cm) x 12-inches (31cm).
  • Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Built for NDT
  • Rigid aluminum construction with vibration damping feet
  • Filtered air vents - replaceable air filter to keep out dust and dirt.
  • Protective plate feed doors seal off the unit from dirt and dust when in transport or not being used.
  • Detachable handle – mobile film labs don’t have a lot of room – every inch counts.
  • Battery power mounts for in-use and storage mount for backup, 4 hours standby time and 45 minutes imaging time per battery.
  • Mounting bracket for security in transport on rough roads.
  • Rigid aluminum construction with vibration damping feet
  • LED erase lamps for high efficiency and low power consumption.
Designed for High Throughput
  • Ships complete and easily installed in less than 5 minutes on-site by customer.
  • Maximum 6-inch wide x 96-inch length plate sizes.
  • INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software installed and tested prior to shipping.
  • Custom EDGE image display filter with 10 predefined filters including 2 specifically for gamma work.
  • 25 micron, 50 micron & 100 micron resolution

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High Resolution Digital Imaging Plates

This specialized line of laminated high-resolution (HR) imaging plates are designed for outdoor industrial field radiography, to provide a longer usable life and improved overall ROI for HPX-PRO users. This plate can be used in either gamma or x-ray radiography applications and has the same image quality as our HR plate. Available in a full range of sizes specifically for the HPX-PRO.