Last month Carestream Health received approval from the FDA for our CR Mammography Feature. As one of the first digital mammography systems to gain FDA approval since 2006, we’re very excited about the news! Because CR-based mammography solutions provide excellent image quality at an affordable price,

Dr. Andrew Maidment, University of Pennsylanvia, discusses DBT and future directions in women's healthcare imaging Andrew Maidment, Ph.D., FAAPM, is Associate Professor of Radiology; Co-Director, HHMI-NIBIB Interfaces Scholars Program in Biomedical Imaging and Informational Sciences, and; Chief, Physics Section at the Hospital of the University of

When I speak with experienced radiologists about the “old days” of reading film-based mammographic images, they often tell me they are now able to read more efficiently with today’s digital mammography technology. While intuitively you might assume that digital is and always has been better,