Increase Your Awareness and Understanding of Radiologic Error

15 strategies to help minimize radiological errors in MRI, CT, and ultrasound imaging

Editor’s Note: The authors of this article received a certificate of merit at ECR 2017 in Vienna for their research.

Around 250,000 people die each year in the US because of medical errors, according to a study by researchers at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. This number is bigger than those who die from car accidents, breast cancers, or work accidents. In fact, medical error constitutes the third leading cause of death in the United States.exclamation point depicting an error

Radiologist Leo Henry Garland (1903 – 1966) was the pioneer in the study of radiologic error. The prevalence of radiologists’ errors does not appear to have changed since it was first estimated in 1960. Today, it remains around 10 to 15 percent [1]. Although some diagnoses are missed because of the limitations of the imaging modality, most of them are attributable to image interpretation.

What constitutes an error?

The definition of what constitutes an error in radiologic interpretation is subject to debate. Continue reading