LUX 35 Detector


Lux 35 Detector

Sleek. Glass-free. Lightweight.

Meet the all new Lux 35 Detector. Its innovative design replaces glass with a lighter, more durable material. This makes it the lightest detector in our portfolio – so it’s easier to carry and position, helping minimize technologist muscle strain and fatigue.

The ergonomic design, light weight and rounded edges are especially helpful when doing bedside imaging. The Lux 35 also offers strategically placed finger grips to make transport and positioning easier still – and together, lighter weight and a better grip can reduce the frequency and cost of drops and breakage.

  • Cesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator for lower dose and better image quality.
  • Rounded corners and beveled edges provide more comfort for the patient when the detector needs to be placed behind the back or under the patient.
  • Features the X-Factor so the detector can be shared across all DRX equipment.
  • Uses ImageView Software powered by Eclipse for extraordinary image quality.
  • Our lightest detector weighing around 5 lbs.
  • ISO 4090 compliant.
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DRX Detectors

The Right Detector for Every Facility

Carestream offers a broad selection of DR detectors. It includes wireless, shareable, fixed, and now glass-free models to meet your demands based on exam type, detector size, dosage level and budget.

Tap The Power of X-Factor Thinking. 

Detectors designed to be shared across the family of DRX products.


The DRX Plus and the Lux 35 Detectors are sharable, designed to go where they are needed most, and work seemlessly across the entire lineup of DRX products. You can use it with your mobile systems for your morning rounds. Then take it to your X-ray room. And move it to the OR, ER or ICU. X-Factor Thinking delivers a detector ready to perform whenever and wherever you need it.


Wireless connectivity to speed workflow, eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection. 


Available in a variety of sizes, including the small-format DRX Plus 2530C, ideal for pediatric imaging and table-top extremity exams.

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