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The Scientist Names Carestream Molecular Imaging’s Multispectral System A ‘Top 10’ Innovation for 2008

Multimodal Molecular Imaging Technology Accelerates Drug Discovery Research

December 10, 2008

NEW HAVEN, Dec. 10 – Carestream Molecular Imaging’s KODAK Multispectral Imaging System earned the “Top 10 Innovations of 2008” award from The Scientist magazine. A panel of expert judges evaluated a broad range of life science technologies to determine the year’s top innovations, with the winners unveiled in the publication’s December issue and online at www.the

 “The Scientist is proud to recognize winning combinations of invention, vision and utility by ranking the best innovations to hit the life science market in the past year,” said Alison McCook, Deputy Editor of The Scientist. “Our expert panel – all users of the latest technology – placed these innovations in the top 10 because they will likely have a big impact on life science.”

The KODAK In-Vivo Multispectral Imaging System FX is designed to enable researchers to precisely locate and monitor changes in molecular activity of specific areas of interest—long before morphological changes can be detected—expediting the development of effective therapeutics for disease treatment.

“Our Multispectral System is the culmination of several years of research and development,“ said Bill McLaughlin, Director of Research and Advanced Applications, Carestream Molecular Imaging. “This honor is a tribute not only to our scientists and engineers, who are committed to advancing the knowledge of molecular imaging, but also to our customers—the researchers demanding these advances to allow them to perform incredibly powerful applications.” 

The KODAK Multispectral System enables life science researchers to pursue a research path for a particular disease or therapeutic from in vitro to in vivo applications—moving from specimen to “live” in vivo studies using advanced software capable of analyzing and comparing many different types of molecular applications. It is currently the only instrument available that provides multispectral fluorescence, luminescence, digital x-ray and radioisotopic imaging capabilities for in vivo (small animal) imaging. 

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Carestream Health, an independent company, has licensed the KODAK brand for use with its own brands across its portfolio of leading-edge molecular imaging, medical imaging and healthcare IT products.


About Carestream Molecular Imaging

Carestream Molecular Imaging group, a division of Carestream Health, Inc., develops and markets high performance digital imaging systems, imaging agents, film and accessories under the KODAK brand for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments. For more information, visit or call 1-877-747-4357, express code 7. Outside the United States, call 1-203-786-5657.

About Carestream Health, Inc.

Carestream Health, Inc. is a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions; molecular imaging solutions for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments; and x-ray film and digital x-ray products for the non-destructive testing market. The company emerged in 2007 when Onex Corporation (TSX: OCX) of Toronto, Canada, purchased Eastman Kodak Company’s Health Group. For more information about Carestream Health, contact your Carestream Health representative or visit

KODAK is a trademark of Kodak used under license.