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New RIS Mammography Module Improves Screening Administration In Denmark

JULY 15, 2008

GENEVA, July 15 - A new mammography module for the KODAK CARESTREAM Radiology Information System (RIS), is improving mammography screening administration in three of Denmark’s five regions. Development work on the innovative module was initiated by Ringsted Sygehus in the Sjaelland Region, following a successful bid for Government funding to finance the project.

            Carestream Health worked closely with radiologists and administration personnel at Ringsted Sygehus to develop unique mammography RIS applications, including double blind reading functionality and customised order entry. The RIS can easily be configured to enable the extraction of statistical data for workflow analysis, evaluation and improved administration e.g. participation rates, number of detected carcinomas, tumour size, type of tumour, false positives and false negatives. The capability for real-time web conferencing also facilitates case discussions and is of particular benefit in achieving multiple radiologist consensus.

            Since development, the module is also now installed at Rigshospitalet/Herlev in Hovedstaden Region and Arhus Sygehus in Midtjylland Region, with all three regions managing 60% of all mammography screening in Denmark.

            As part of the screening process, each region handles around 80,000 women annually, taking four mammograms of each patient. European guidelines stipulate that each image must be read independently by two radiologists, and in the case of disagreement, a third. The new double blind reading functionality of the RIS mammography module streamlines this process improving workflow and productivity.

            Phase two of the project is currently in progress and scheduled for delivery in July 2008. This involves development of a “Patient Portal”, which will allow women to change an inconvenient appointment and reschedule online, with the RIS automatically updating the new appointment details. This development is also proving of interest to the Icelandic Cancer Society, where Carestream Health won a mammography screening order in December 2007.  

            In Iceland, women are given the opportunity to participate in the programme rather than directly invited, with the onus on them to instigate an appointment. The ability to book and reschedule online is therefore very important in encouraging women to attend screening.

            "I am thrilled about the specific development of the RIS mammography module and double blind reading, as it perfectly configures to our workflow,” said Dr Nikolaj Borg Mogensen, Chief Mammography Radiologist for the Sjælland Region. “The forthcoming web module where women can change their scheduled times over the Internet will also increase our performance. We feel that we are helping Carestream Health to build the best RIS on the market."         

            KODAK CARESTREAM RIS, part of KODAK CARESTREAM Radiology Solutions, comprises intelligent cutting-edge technology with advanced flexibility and ease of use that can be tailored to suit existing workflows. The system features automated order entry, Web communications, multiple site scheduling, monitoring, integration with PACS and worklist management to automate the patient’s diagnostic journey from order entry to result distribution. Currently, KODAK CARESTREAM RIS is installed in over 20 hospitals across four of Denmark’s five regions.

            “The strategy of the Danish Government is for full mammography screening to be available across the country by the end of 2008 and our new RIS module will help to improve administration for radiologists and patients alike,” said Martina Linke, Business Development Manager, Mammography Solutions Carestream Health.   

            “The initiation of such a development to improve administration for mammography screening reinforces how Denmark is forging ahead in terms of the deployment of information systems, electronic records and digital workflow.”

            Carestream Health, an independent company, has licensed the KODAK brand for use with its own brands—such as CARESTREAM, DIRECTVIEW and DRYVIEW—across its portfolio of leading-edge medical imaging and healthcare IT products.


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