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Cornell University’s Gannett Health Services Implements Carestream Health’s Digital Imaging And Information Solution

New System Reduces Turnaround Times, Enables Quicker Diagnosis and Treatment

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 10 — Students at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., are experiencing more efficient radiologic services and faster diagnoses because the school’s Gannett Health Services implemented a state-of-the-art, all-digital solution for x-ray imaging studies. Gannett purchased both a digital radiography system for capturing digital x-ray images and a RIS/PACS solution for managing medical images and information from Carestream Health, Inc., and its authorized dealer Sywest Medical Technologies. 

The new KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR 3500 System from Carestream Health captures radiology images in fewer than 10 seconds. After an exam is completed, the images can be viewed in minutes by on-site clinicians thanks to the clinic’s new KODAK CARESTREAM RIS/PACS system. The RIS is interfaced to Gannett Health Service’s medical information system so the status of radiology exams and reports are available there as well. Additionally, patient demographic data and exam order information is downloaded from the RIS to streamline data entry and eliminate redundant manual entry.

 “This new radiology solution fits our campus environment,” said Pam Arsenault, Gannett’s Radiology Supervisor. “We have a large, busy, primarily pedestrian student population on a big campus. When students come to Gannett for treatment, they want to make one trip. The new system allows us to meet their expectations.”

With the health service’s previous analog system, the procedure and processing time for medical imaging exams could be as long as 20 minutes, because patients had to wait for films to be processed and then carry them back to the clinician’s office. With the new digital solution, images are sent electronically to the ordering clinician’s office, often by the time patients leave the radiology suite.

Students also benefit from getting a diagnosis and treatment plan sooner. “Not only is the process faster for patients and staff,” Arsenault said, “but our clinicians and radiologists also appreciate the efficiencies for their work and improvements for patient care.” In the past, radiologists traveled to campus once a day to read exams, so it could take a day or more for a student to receive a final diagnosis. Now the ordering clinician and off-campus radiologist can simultaneously access the digital image from the PACS, send files back and forth with questions and comments, and consult in real time.

Gannett clinicians believe that Cornell’s geographically diverse and highly mobile student population (and their parents) will appreciate that the results of radiologic exams—in the form of digital medical images and related information—can be burned onto CDs to facilitate review by family physicians or specialists.

With the efficiencies of the DR 3500 system, Gannett Health Services was able to eliminate one x-ray room and add another dressing room to enhance patient flow. They reclaimed further needed space by the elimination of a darkroom, film processor and chemicals and space used for hard copy film storage.

“This radiology solution is an excellent value for the institution,” said Kathy Crown, Gannett Health Services’ Manager of Ancillary Services & Finance. “We strive to be careful stewards of Cornell’s resources. In this case, we believe we have implemented a solution that delivers better service to our patients while delivering an excellent value to the university. We went through a lengthy evaluation process, and it paid off with a system that has exceeded our expectations.”


About Carestream Health, Inc.

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