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Carestream Health Announces Canadian Orders For Its CR-Based Mammography Solution

JUNE 25, 2008

ROCHESTER, NY, April 23 — Carestream Health, Inc., has signed contracts for its computed radiography-based mammography solutions with healthcare providers in Canada. The KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR Mammography feature is available for order with new or existing CR 850/950/975 systems and the recently announced Classic and Elite CR systems. These flexible CR platforms can be used for both mammography and general radiography exams.

The following mammography providers are among those that have placed orders for the CR Mammography feature:

  • Courtice Medical Center (Courtice, Ontario) purchased a KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR 850 with the CR Mammography feature as a dedicated mammography unit.
  • Insight Medical Imaging (Spruce Grove, Alberta) purchased two KODAK DIRECTVIEW Elite CR Systems with the CR Mammography feature. One system will be a dedicated mammography unit and the other will be used for general radiography. Either system can perform mammography and general imaging, which provides full imaging redundancy for the clinic.
  • Ontario Medical Imaging (Ontario) purchased the CR Mammography Feature as an upgrade for its existing CR 850 and CR 950 systems and ordered a new CR 975 system with the mammography feature. Each CR system will be used for mammography and general radiology applications.
  • Oshawa Clinic (Oshawa, Ontario) ordered a CR 850 with the CR Mammography feature to be used as a dedicated mammography unit.
  • Quantum Medical Imaging (Toronto, Ontario) has ordered a CR 975 with the CR Mammography Feature to serve two mammography rooms. Each room also has a KODAK

DIRECTVIEW Remote Operations Panel to provide efficient workflow. The facility also has a KODAK CARESTREAM Mammography Workstation that provides multi-modality viewing of breast exams; a CARESTREAM PACS for sharing and storing images and information; and a CR 850 for general radiology exams.

  • Radiology Associates Inc. (Lethbridge, Alberta) purchased three CR 850 systems with the CR Mammography feature for dedicated mammography imaging.
  • Woodstock General Hospital (Woodstock, Ontario) purchased a new CR 850 system with the CR Mammography Feature and KODAK Digital Mammography CAD System.

Carestream Health’s CAD system provides computer-aided detection (CAD) analysis for CR-based mammography exams. The company’s mammography CAD system for CR images is currently available outside the United States where approved for use.


About Carestream Health, Inc. Carestream Health, Inc., is a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions; molecular imaging systems for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments; and x-ray film and digital x-ray products for the non-destructive testing market. The company was formed in 2007 when Onex Corporation (TSX: OCX.TO) purchased Eastman Kodak Company’s Health Group. For more information about Carestream Health, contact your Carestream Health representative or visit

CARESTREAM and DIRECTVIEW are trademarks of Carestream Health, Inc.

KODAK is a trademark of Kodak used under license.