Carestream Spotlights Newest Healthcare IT, Medical Imaging Technology at World’s Largest Radiology Conference

Specialized Software Enhances Review Process for Radiology Reports To Help Improve Patient Care

CHICAGO, Nov. 27 — Carestream Health demonstrated its expanding portfolio of sophisticated medical imaging and healthcare IT systems designed to enhance the diagnostic review of X-ray exams and expedite delivery of results to physicians and their patients at the annual Radiological Society of North America conference.

Radiology service providers want to tap into the expertise of subspecialists at multiple locations, as well as optimize the quality and speed of clinical reporting.

Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform (video) addresses these needs with  Workflow Orchestrator software that supports advanced reading workflows and improves the review process by: simultaneously prioritizing urgent medical imaging exams; routing complex cases to subspecialists or radiologists affiliated with the site where the study was performed; and logically distributing the case load among all available radiologists.

One of the largest private radiology groups in the United States has chosen Workflow Orchestrator to manage its multi-site radiology interpretation workflow. Based on early results, the group’s radiologists expect this versatile platform to produce long-term operational and quality improvements as well as more responsive client service, optimized case assignment and a significant return on investment.

Carestream representatives also showcased the unique benefits of the CARESTREAM OnSight 3D Extremity System (video) that equips hospitals, orthopaedic practices and other imaging services providers with high-resolution 3D images that offer advanced anatomical detail to help orthopaedic specialists make more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions.

The OnSight system captures high-quality, weight-bearing imaging studies for patients with   a wide range of injuries and conditions of the knee, foot, ankle and other extremities.

Unlike traditional CT technology, Carestream’s system has a large detector that easily captures a 3D image of the extremity in a single rotation. A patient simply places the injured extremity into a donut-shaped bore in the system. Since the patient’s head and body are not confined, patients do not experience the claustrophobia that often occurs with CT systems.

Carestream focuses on delivering innovation that is life-changing—for patients, customers, employees, communities and other stakeholders—while enhancing operations for a broad range of healthcare facilities and helping medical professionals provide quality care.

These and other advanced systems from Carestream are available in the United States, Europe and many additional countries around the world.