Carestream Spotlights Success at IHE-Europe Connectathon that Tests Ability for Data Exchange among Various Systems, Suppliers

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 28 — Carestream showcased the advanced interoperability of its Clinical Collaboration Platform at the IHE-Europe Connectathon held April 20-24 in Luxembourg.

Carestream announced that its Clinical Collaboration Platform (CCP) product suite successfully passed all integration tests at the Connectathon including all profiles for its universal viewer, vendor-neutral archive (VNA) and image capture solutions.

“Successful adoption and use of IHE profiles allows healthcare providers to identify and share diverse patient clinical data to help clinicians make diagnostic and treatment decisions,” said Meir Cohen, Interoperability and R&D Group Manager, Carestream. “Our goal is to help our customers implement efficient, standards-based sharing of data and images that is agnostic to applications, data formats, protocols or geography. As one of the first VNA suppliers to implement HL7’s new FHIR framework (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) we will continue to adopt open standards like those endorsed by IHE, HL7 and DICOM in our vendor-neutral archiving, image capture and universal viewer technologies.”

Carestream PatentsIHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry that promotes the coordinated use of established standards to address clinical needs in support of optimal patient care.

Suppliers who successfully pass IHE testing requirements are recorded in the IHE International Connectathon Results data base. The IHE Connectathon provides companies the opportunity to test their use of IHE profiles across a variety of domains including radiology, cardiology, pathology, patient care devices, patient care coordination, pharmacy, laboratory, dental and IT infrastructure. Almost 80 companies participated in the Connectathon testing this year, bringing together more than 100 systems and over 300 participants.

Carestream’s flexible Clinical Collaboration Platform can complement a provider’s existing departmental PACS or archive and offers a series of optional modules that can bring unstructured data into the clinical workflow and enhance the delivery of patient images and reports to clinicians and to patients.

The platform can be integrated as modules within a provider’s existing IT ecosystem. A web-based data ingestion module searches and “tags” unstructured data at the metadata level so it can be associated with a specific patient and the type of clinical content in the data can be identified. 

Physicians can access current and prior reports and imaging studies, along with a patient’s clinical history, from FDA-approved mobile devices using Carestream’s universal Vue Motion viewer. Mobile access is a tremendous advantage to physicians who are often on the move doing patient rounds at a hospital or seeing patients at a group practice, clinic, imaging center or urgent care facility.

An embeddable patient portal equips registered patients to view, download and manage their own clinical data while a real-time business dashboard module is offered to address healthcare IT executives’ need for more intelligent data analytics to help streamline operations and compliance. 

All of these new capabilities build upon Carestream’s fully featured VNA architecture. InMedica, a division of IMS research, has recognized Carestream as one of the largest suppliers of vendor-neutral archiving in the world.