Carestream Shows New Enhancements to Its Vue PACS Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Module as Work in Progress at ECR

GENEVA, Switz., Feb. 5 — Carestream will demonstrate work-in-progress enhancements to its digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) module on its Vue Mammo Workstation at ECR 2014.

This new module is scheduled to include the display of DICOM-compliant 2D synthetic views, which are calculated from the 3D dataset. The use of synthetic views is being considered as an alternate approach to reducing dosage to patients while allowing full advantage of the benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis.

Other additions to Carestream’s DBT module include a DBT image map and improved workflow settings.

“Synthetic 2D views have the potential to help reduce patient dose and some radiologists believe the image quality is superior to traditional 2D mammography views, which can help enhance patient care,” said Ron Muscosky, Carestream’s Worldwide Product Line Manager of Healthcare Information Solutions.  

Carestream is showing a new generation of Vue PACS at RSNA as a work in progress that is designed to include 64-bit architecture. “One of the primary benefits of 64-bit architecture is its enhanced ability to handle larger datasets, including DBT and other 3D exams. So this architecture will greatly improve access speeds and reading convenience for users of 3D imaging studies,” he added.

Carestream’s digital breast tomosynthesis module is designed with specialised tools to enhance reading and the DBT module can enhance workflow by allowing healthcare providers to store, route, display and query/retrieve DBT exams from DICOM-compliant acquisition devices. Comparison tools enable radiologists to use personalised hanging protocols for DBT exams along with other procedures.