Now Shipping Groundbreaking DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System

New System Delivers Major Improvements in Conducting Bedside X-ray Exams

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 21 — Carestream has begun shipping its much anticipated DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System. Dozens of healthcare facilities around the world have already placed orders for this versatile new system that features customer-driven innovations.

The new mobile X-ray system delivers outstanding image quality, exceptional maneuverability and rapid access to patient medical images. “The DRX-Revolution offers unique capabilities that enhance care for seriously ill and injured patients. For example, the ability to easily align the tube with a grid has resulted in better quality images for our ICU and surgical patients,” said Cheryl Malcolmson, RT (R), Manager, Diagnostic Imaging, Hamilton General Hospital, Hamilton, Canada. “In addition, our physicians praised the tube and line visualization feature that allows them to quickly verify placement of medical devices and avoid the need for repeat X-ray exposures.”

Features Help Radiographers Overcome Challenges of Critical Care Imaging
“The DRX-Revolution is true to its name—it revolutionizes bedside diagnostic imaging with specialty features that lead to rapid positioning, minimal intrusion on staff and surrounding equipment, and faster capture of high-quality X-ray images for use by clinicians,” said Diana L. Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream.

The DRX-Revolution satisfies specific needs voiced by numerous radiology professionals who were involved in the product’s design. For example, a unique software tool creates companion images from the original exposure: one image is optimized to show tubes and lines so physicians can verify placement, and another optimized image accentuates the appearance of free air in the chest cavity for easier visualization of the pneumothorax.

The DRX-Revolution’s long, extendable tube head helps radiographers easily capture X-rays despite the presence of bedside medical equipment. The system’s two monitors (the main 19-inch monitor and an 8-inch tube head monitor) allow a technologist to capture and review images without moving away from a patient’s bed. “The DRX-Revolution is easy to position in tight spaces that complicate imaging in critical care areas, and its collapsible column allows unobstructed views for enhanced visibility and safety while moving the system,” Malcomson added.

The DRX-Revolution also uses the same software and graphic user interface as other DRX products, which makes it very easy to use. This consistency helps improve productivity and allows technologists to proficiently use the mobile X-ray system with minimal training.

All digital X-ray systems in Carestream’s DRX family, including the DRX-Revolution, share the same DRX-1/DRX-1C wireless detector, which offers flexible positioning and image availability in less than five seconds. Carestream’s product family includes: CARESTREAM DRX-1 System, CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit, CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution modular DR suite, CARESTREAM DRX-Transportable System and CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend System.

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