3D Post-Processing Revealed Live At Scanner Volumique Conference France

GENEVA, Switz., February 11 ― The CARESTREAM PACS workstation was put through its paces at the recent 5th Scanner Volumique Conference held in Nancy, France on 24th and 25th January, 2011. This annual event provides the technology platform for live demonstrations of the very latest versions of CT image post-processing software, which this year for the first time included a PACS console.

Dr. Orly Goitein, Head of Cardio Vascular Imaging at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel, carried out three live demonstrations using the CARESTREAM PACS, which included cardiac, vascular and oncology cases. These case presentations fully demonstrated the latest improvements to the console, some of which are still undergoing development.

“The capabilities of the Carestream PACS workstation are impressive,” said Dr. Orly Goitein. The automatic volumetric multi-modality registration of prior exams allows fast, easy and efficient study comparison, which are daily tasks radiologists deal with. The dedicated post processing packages (for example: the cardiac, vascular and oncology packages) offer advanced reconstruction tools inherent within this PACS workstation system.”

Carestream Health was one of the first in the industry to integrate 3D image processing and image analysis tools into its PACS workstations; this innovation has led to marked enhancements in workflow since radiologists no longer need to go to a special workstation dedicated to post-processing. Likewise, the CARESTREAM PACS architecture enables the use of 3D functions via its intuitive user interface from any workstation, inside or outside the facility.

Advanced processing capabilities of the CARESTREAM PACS platform comprise: automatic segmentation of all vessels (including cardiac vessels), automatic volume synchronisation of different exams, MPR (MIP/MinMIP/CurveMPR), volume rendering, Stenosis quantification and aneurysm assessment, measurement of cardiac ejection fraction, CT/MR/PET image fusion, lesion detection and quantification and specialised measurement tools for mammography and orthopaedics.


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