DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit Will Soon Support Shimadzu Systems

Converting Mobile X-Ray Systems to Wireless DR Technology Improves Productivity, Can Help Enhance Patient Care

WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 22 — In addition to supporting popular GE and Siemens mobile x-ray systems, the CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit  will be integrated with three Shimadzu systems beginning in October, Carestream Health announced today. The mobile retrofit kit allows healthcare providers to upgrade selected mobile x-ray systems to DR technology through the use of its wireless, cassette-size DRX-1 detector.

This wireless DR system can increase on-site productivity and deliver immediate access to images, which can help enhance care for critically ill patients in emergency rooms, operating rooms and the ICU. The DRX-1 detector also improves patient positioning and comfort by eliminating cables and tethers typically required by most DR-based systems.

To support the imaging needs of ICU departments, Carestream Health offers innovative software that uses a single exposure to display an enhanced companion image with more precise visualization of lines and tubes, which are typically difficult to view.

Memorial Hospital of York, Penn., recently installed a DRX-1 retrofit kit in a GE mobile x-ray system it uses for ER, OR and CCU areas. “Converting our mobile CR system to the DRX-1 detector allowed us to double productivity, improve image quality and helped enhance patient care. The line and tube companion image is extremely helpful for critically ill and injured patients, and our physicians and surgeons appreciate the ability to review images in just a few seconds,” said Robin A Wible, CNMT, Memorial Hospital’s Director of Imaging.

The DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit can be installed quickly and is powered by Carestream Health’s powerful DRX-1 detector. The cassette-size detector’s wireless capabilities allow users to capture and view images in seconds at the point of patient care. Medical images can be forwarded to multiple network destinations, so clinicians can make a diagnosis and begin immediate treatment. This wireless workflow boosts staff productivity since CR-based mobile systems require technologists to travel to a centralized CR reader for image scanning, which creates a cumbersome workflow that delays image access.

Integration with Leading Mobile X-Ray Systems  
The retrofit kit can currently be integrated with GE AMX-4, GE AMX-4 Plus, Siemens Mobilett Plus, Siemens Mobilett XP and Siemens Mobilett XP Hybrid. Beginning in October, it will also support Shimadzu MobileArt, Shimadzu MobileArt Plus and Shimadzu Evolution.

Carestream Health’s DRX-1 detector forms the foundation for a highly productive family of DR products including the DRX-1 system that can convert analog x-ray rooms to DR technology in less than one day and a fully automated DRX-Evolution suite that offers virtually unlimited patient positioning. In addition, the company offers a broad portfolio of CR and DR systems that equips hospitals, outpatient imaging centers, orthopedic practices and other healthcare providers with digital radiographic images.


About Carestream Health 
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