Care of the BioMax TranScreen System

The BioMax TranScreen folder must be kept clean and dry. While the relevant surfaces (the phosphor surface and the internal surfaces of the folder) are reasonably durable, contamination with either sample, liquids or particulate debris will substantially depreciate the system performance. These surfaces are designed to be reasonably resistant to abrasion and modest solvent exposure, but can be destroyed by either. Be very careful to always store the TranScreen folder in a flat orientation; never fold, buckle or crimp the screen.

Should the BioMax TranScreen phosphor surface become contaminated: 

  • Suspend the folder by the reflector
  • Spray water onto the phosphor surface
  • Use X-Omat Screen Cleaner to reduce static and remove dust and dirt.
  • Squirt excess deionized water on the screen to rinse
  • Spray ethanol on the screen to remove water
  • Drain, blot dry with clean blotting paper, air dry

Should the folder compartment become contaminated: 

  • Spread the folder on a clean blotting paper, internal aspect upward
  • Carefully wipe with a tissue dampened X-Omat Screen Cleaner*
  • Briefly wipe with a tissue dampened with ethanol
  • Air dry in a clean environment, free of dust

*Administering the X-Omat Screen Cleaner to the inside of a BioMax TranScreen folder is highly recommended to reduce any static effects that may be encountered in sliding film across these surfaces.