Carestream Supplier Code of Conduct

Suppliers play a vital role in Carestream’s success and sustainability.  The selection of raw materials, the mixing of chemical solutions, the fabrication of components, the assembly of finished goods, and the packaging prior to delivery are all examples of supplier activities that support material flowing to Carestream.  It is important that these upstream activities are conducted in a manner that protects the environment, preserves human rights, and is consistent with ethical business practices.  Carestream and its customers expect nothing less. 

Carestream believes that adhering to a Supplier Code of Conduct is one way to achieve these expectations while avoiding increased cost and potential product disruptions. 

Carestream has adopted the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition® (EICC®) Code of Conduct as expectations for its suppliers.  This Code (Version 5.1, 2016) has been adopted in its entirety as described in the document link below.  Although this Code was created for use in the electronics industry, it is to be applied to all Carestream suppliers as well.

Carestream Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)  
Carestream’s Supplier Code of Conduct is aligned with and is complimentary to other company documents and procedures including Carestream’s

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Policy
  • Business Conduct Guide
  • Corporate Purchasing Policy
  • Supplier Quality Process

There are several key elements of the Supplier Code of Conduct from which Carestream has already assessed its supply base and will continue to assess new suppliers.  Links to these key elements are provided below.

Environmental, Health and Safety Supplier Expectations
Includes declarations for packaging compliance, battery compliance and restricted material   compliance (e.g., European RoHS)

Conflict Minerals Reporting (xls) (click to download template)
Includes declaration for certain minerals (tin, tantalum, titanium, gold) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries.  Suppliers are to complete the Declaration (in English) and return to Carestream using the following mailbox: