Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

At Carestream, our brand is a promise – a promise of the value we deliver to our customers. To remain strong and vital, it must be used according to our Brand Guidelines.

Our Customer Promise:
Inventive, elegantly simple solutions that provide smarter answers to your technological and business needs.

Our Brand Attributes:
Expert, Inventive, Passionate, Dynamic, Flexible, Entrepreneurial

Our Brand Position:
Focused Ingenuity

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Presenting a unified front to customers is crucial in growing our reputation as a trusted leader in healthcare imaging. To maintain essential brand consistency, it’s important for each of us at Carestream Health to follow the brand guidelines presented here when developing all marketing-communications materials.

This will help us maintain a strong, constant identity at all points of contact with our worldwide customers.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in using these guidelines faithfully. We look forward to working together while continuing to build our Brand.

The Carestream Brand Team

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The Carestream brand is much more than just our logo and the color orange. It’s the very foundation upon which all of our communications are built.

The additional elements which comprise our visual identity include our brand mark, tone of voice, color palette, typography and graphic elements.

These guidelines cover proper use of these branding elements for most common applications. However, they cannot anticipate nor govern every last usage need that might arise. Rather, they are meant to give you the knowledge and insight to represent the Carestream brand appropriately in the vast majority of situations.

Whenever you do require additional guidance or have specific branding questions that are not outlined here, feel free to reach out to us.


Our promise is the essence of our brand: We will strive to focus our heritage, experience and expertise to create simple, elegant solutions – solutions that offer radiology professionals a smarter way forward. In today’s global healthcare environment – where the pressure to deliver better outcomes at lower costs has never been greater – we’ll work to empower our customers with newer, better and more cost-effective ways to offer their patients an ever-improving standard of care.


At Carestream, our approach is based on a passionate commitment to doing whatever it takes to help our customers succeed. It’s that simple and that clear.

Towards that goal, we create innovative ideas that support excellence – across manufacturing, logistics, procurement, installation, training and service.