Photographic Processing Protocol for Autoradiography Emulsion, Type NTB

Use all processing solutions at a temperature of 15°C (59°F) for the times recommended in this table.

Use no agitation. 

Step Recommended Solution Time
1. Develop KODAK DEKTOL Developer (1:1) or
Developer D-19 Substitute* (1:1)
(1:1 - One-to-one dilution with water)
2 minutes
4 minutes
2. Stop* Distilled Water 10 seconds
3. Fix** KODAK Fixer 5 minutes
4. Wash Distilled Water 5 minutes
5. Dry Slowly in a dust-free atmosphere  


*Do not use acid stop baths since they could result in the formation of microscopic bubbles in the emulsion layer.

**Do not use rapid fixers (which contain ammonium) since they could result in loss of developed silver grains.


Processing Chemicals

KODAK DEKTOL Developer and KODAK Fixer are Eastman Kodak Company products available through local photographic dealers.

Product List 

Cat. No. Description Unit Size
889 5666 Autoradiography Emulsion Type NTB 118 mL (4 oz.)


Ordering Procedures

Autoradiography Emulsion, Type NTB orders can be accepted by fax, mail, or phone. Domestic orders (USA) may be placed as follows:

Phone: 877-747-4357
Fax; 1-800-879-4979
Outside the US: Phone: +1-203-786-5644
Outside the US Fax: + 1-203-786-5698

In the U.S., emulsions are shipped Monday through noon on Thursday by airfreight directly to the customer.

* D19 Developer Substitute is available from:
Photographers Formulary
Candon, MT 59826
Telephone: 1-406-754-2981