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Autoradiography Emulsion, Type NTB

Reliable Detection of Radio-Labeled Samples

This nuclear track material, type NTB, is ideal for detection of radio labeled samples in techniques such as in-situ hybridization. This emulsion is designed to facilitate microscopic examination of individual silver grains in the developed emulsion layer and confirm the passage of ionizing radiation.

  • Offers a high silver-to-gelatin ratio of very fine, uniform silver grains.
  • Provides high-resolution results.
  • Minimizes background fog
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Autoradiography Emulsion

Features and Specifications

  • NTB Autoradiography Emulsion - Catalog number 889 5666, 118 ml (4 ounces) per vial.
Processing Instructions:
  • NTB emulsion should be processed manually using D-19 Developer and Fixer.
Darkroom Handling:
  • NTB emulsion should be handled under proper safelight conditions.
  • NTB Emulsion should be stored between 4C and 13C. Do not freeze them. At these temperatures the emulsion appears solid and upon heating will become liquefied for use. Autoradiography emulsions should be used prior to the indicated expiration date. A 4-oz. container is suitable for coating approximately 200 slides.
  • In the U.S., emulsions are shipped Monday through noon on Thursday by airfreight directly to the customer.