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BioMax TranScreen HE

Provides Maximum Sensitivity and Improves Spatial Resolution

Designed for use with gamma emitters such as 125 I and high-energy beta emitters such as 32 P, the BIOMAX TranScreen HE intensifying screen offers the greatest sensitivity. When used in conjunction with the BIOMAX MS film, the system equals or exceeds the image quality of conventional autoradiography screen/film systems. By minimizing the distances between the radioisotope and phosphor layer, it presents the phosphor to the emitting particles immediately, for less scattering and better spatial resolution.

  • Maximum sensitivity for penetrating radiation isotopes (32P, 125I).
  • Thicker phosphor layer than TranScreen LE Screen converts more of the penetrating radiation (i.e. 32 P & 125I) energy to photons.
  • Improves resolution and decreases background compared to regular intensifying screens.
Authorized Dealers
BIOMAX TranScreen HE


"The TranScreen HE provides high sensitivity with publication quality texture!"

Dr. John L. Casey, Department of Molecular Virology and Immunology, Georgetown University, Rockville, Maryland, USA.

"Substantial increase in sensitivity!"

Dr. Paul Benya, Department of Cartilage Cell Biology, Orthopedic Hospital, Los Angeles, California, USA.

"Decreased exposure time, better resolution than BIOMAX MS!"

Deborah Enke, Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Available Sizes

856 3959 BIOMAX TranScreen HE Intensifying Screen 8x10 inches
881 1457 BIOMAX TranScreen HE Intensifying Screen 35x43 cm
835 6800 BIOMAX TranScreen HE Intensifying Screen with BIOMAX Cassette 8x10 inches
Both versions of the TranScreen screen system will provide increased sensitivity when used with any film. However, the BIOMAX TranScreen systems have been optimized to provide the greatest sensitivity when used with the BIOMAX MS film and BIOMAX Cassette. As with conventional intensifying screens, the BIOMAX TranScreen screen systems must be used at -60 to -70 C to reduce latent image fading.


Which screens/film should I use?

Maximum Sensitivity for 32 P and 125 I TranScreen HE Screen/BioMax MS Film
BioMax MS Screen/BioMax MS Film
Maximum Sensitivity for 32 P and 125 I with improved image quality TranScreen HE Screen/BioMax MS Film
High Sensitivity with High Resolution for 32 P and 125 I (greater than or equal to sensitivity sen with generic screen and XAR Film) TranScreen LE Screen/BioMax MS Film
Imrpoved Sensitivity and Resolution for Fluorography (i.e. 14 C, 3 H and 35 S) TranScreen LE Screen/BioMax MS Film
Maximum sensitivity of low and medium energy beta emitting isotopes (i.e. 3 H, 14 C, 35 S, 45 Ca and 33 P and 59 Fe) TranScreen LE Screen/BioMax MS Film

More Information

  • Determine the minimum amount of radioisotope required to achieve a quality image with the BIOMAX TranScreen System. See the Detection Sensitivities Tables and application notes.
  • Instructions on the use of the BIOMAX TranScreen System