Our reliable film product line works under the most trying conditions and provides customers consistent, predictable results every time. With the support of world-leading imaging experts and world-class service and support INDUSTREX technology is your best choice within the most demanding test environments.

Industrex Film


High-energy performance

For use in multi-film techniques in demanding radiographic environments, INDUSTREX DR50 Film provides high-energy performance. For high-voltage x-rays and gamma rays, DR50 Film delivers consistent high contrast, very fine granularity, and superior sensitivity. It incorporates Carestream NDT's T-GRAIN Emulsion technology for superb results with direct x-rays or lead foil screens. An extremely durable, slow-speed film with very fine grain.


When clarity is critical

INDUSTREX M100 Film sets the standard in this industry for outstanding sharpness. The industrial x-ray film's excellent sensitivity and low speed make it the perfect choice for non-destructive testing inspections in a wide range of industrial materials—whether it's a pipe weld, an aerospace engine, or a sculpture.


Tough and durable

INDUSTREX MX125 film static resistance is unparalleled in the industry, and its heat resistance is remarkable. This NDT film can withstand the toughest handling and darkroom practices. It also survives high humidity and is less susceptible to handling artifacts. This medium-speed film offers very fine grain and high contrast. Its excellent sensitivity makes it perfect for high-energy critical NDT radiography.


Versatile and fine grain

INDUSTREX T200 Film can be used in multiple film loads for extended imaging range for critical imaging needs. Incorporating our T-GRAIN Emulsion technology for high sensitivity, T200 industrial x-ray film is medium-speed and high-contrast with a very fine grain. Our fastest STM 1815-96, Type 1 film for industrial radiography, T200 is tough and durable, withstanding high temperatures and versatile for use with direct x-ray or lead foil screens.


Get the image you need, whatever the working conditions

INDUSTREX AA400 Film can be used it in single and multiple film radiography techniques—and with direct x-rays or with lead foil screens. It incorporates Carestream NDT's T-GRAIN Emulsion technology for superior sensitivity. A400 film offers incredibly robust handling characteristics, withstanding high temperatures and humidity, and eliminating static artifacts.

INDUSTREX High Speed HS800 Film

Carestream NDT’s highest speed film

INDUSTREX HS 800 Film is as versatile as NDT film can get. Ideal for bridge and road inspection, it works with any exposure method—direct x-ray or screens. Combined with LANEX Fast Screens, HS800 Film offers more speed than any NDT film-screen combination available. T-GRAIN Emulsion technology ensures high contrast. A medium-grain film, it can be processed in automatic processing chemicals in the short 5-minute cycle.

LANEX Fast Screen for HS800 Film

With LANEX Fast Screens, HS800 Film offers high-speed and high-contrast in visible light exposure conditions

LANEX Fast Screens are provided in sets of asymmetrical pairs. The phosphor coverage of the non-tube-side screen is more than twice that of the tube-side screen. This allows for equal light output from each of the screens during exposure. The screen base is a 7-mil reflective polyester support. Recommended for use with INDUSTREX HS800 Film indirect x-ray exposure applications. (Catalog no. 1160688)

Get the T-Grain Emulsion Advantages

T-GRAIN Emulsion offers a state-of-the-art technology that’s specifically designed for industrial radiographic testing applications. What does that mean for you?

Outstanding Image Quality

With a cold, clean image tone and low noise, you get a sharp, clear image every time.

T200 T-Grain Superb Durability

The films are static resistant, more heat resistant than conventional systems, incredibly sturdy, and you’ll get fewer artifacts from handling.