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INDUSTREX HPX-PRO Portable Digital System

CR for Anywhere NDT Takes You.

The HPX-PRO Portable Digital System is designed for high throughput digital imaging in rugged NDT environments. Lightweight and portable, it can be set-up in less than 5 minutes and process a weld in up to a minute, producing high-quality digital images for quick analysis and rapid final reporting.
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INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software incorporates industry-leading image analysis tools, file sharing and storage management features. Our modular architecture is an all-in-one software suite that eliminates the need to purchase add-on modules for both CR and DR image acquisition.

Screen Cleaner Accessory

Screen Cleaner is recommended for use with INDUSTREX Flex GP and HR Digital Imaging Plates.

Catalog number 845 4977

NDT Accessory Cleaner
NDT Accessory bracket

Carestream Cassette Extraction Tool 

Carestream Cassette Extraction Tool is required to safely remove imaging plates from cassettes. Make sure if you use cassettes that you have at least one of these on hand to perform this operation.

Part Number: 842 3600

The HPX-PRO will change the way you work in a mobile environment forever.

Rapid Job Setup

Setup of customer parameters, automated electronic FLASH creation on each image and automatic incremental shot numbering

Approve in Seconds

Designed to process a weld a minute (based on 5-3/4” imaging plate length). Including scanning, erasing and image display on the monitor.

Customized Reporting

Generate a custom-made multi-line or single weld-style reports within seconds with pre-selected data.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16-inches (41cm) x 13-inches (33cm) x 12-inches (31cm).
  • Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Built for NDT
  • Rigid aluminum construction with vibration damping feet
  • Filtered air vents - replaceable air filter to keep out dust and dirt.
  • Protective plate feed doors seal off the unit from dirt and dust when in transport or not being used.
  • Detachable handle – mobile film labs don’t have a lot of room – every inch counts.
  • Battery power mounts for in-use and storage mount for backup, 4 hours standby time and 45 minutes imaging time per battery.
  • Mounting bracket for security in transport on rough roads.
  • Rigid aluminum construction with vibration damping feet
  • LED erase lamps for high efficiency and low power consumption.
Designed for High Throughput
  • Ships complete and easily installed in less than 5 minutes on-site by customer.
  • Maximum 6-inch wide x 96-inch length plate sizes.
  • INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software installed and tested prior to shipping.
  • Custom EDGE image display filter with 10 predefined filters including 2 specifically for gamma work.
  • 25 micron, 50 micron & 100 micron resolution

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High Resolution Digital Imaging Plates

This specialized line of laminated high-resolution (HR) imaging plates are designed for outdoor industrial field radiography, to provide a longer usable life and improved overall ROI for HPX-PRO users. This plate can be used in either gamma or x-ray radiography applications and has the same image quality as our HR plate. Available in a full range of sizes specifically for the HPX-PRO.