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Recent blog posts include:

Mobile Devices and Messaging Apps in Radiology on the Rise
Common messaging apps like WhatsApp are incorporated almost routinely into the radiology workflow in several countries. This increasing transmission of medical reports and images via smart phones and tablets is raising security and ethical issues. Read the blog to understand the widespread use of the apps – and the concerns.

The Future of AI in Radiology: There’s an App for That!
Dr. Eliot Siegel predicts that within the next five years, there will be a staggering number of new and useful apps for diagnostic imaging. Also, radiologists will consume them very differently – downloading a la carte algorithms for diagnostic imaging from “app store” platforms. Read his blog to learn more about the future of AI in radiology.

What is the Number One Challenge in Radiology Management?
Being a successful radiology administrator is a tall order. You need to drive operational and financial results, stay in compliance with changing regulations, and occasionally reconcile physician orders that might conflict with clinical decision support data. But according to AHRA attendees, the most difficult challenge in radiology management can be people.

How Do You Add Other Ologies to Enterprise Imaging?
Many healthcare providers struggle with adding other ologies to their enterprise imaging platform. Videos, PDFs, and other non-DICOM images produced by urology, ophthalmology, and other departments, as well as numerous “oscopies”, often exist in silos, and are not associated with a patient’s EMR. In this blog, Dr. Marco Foracchia shares the strategies used at Reggio Emilia Hospital to archive DICOM and non-DICOM media from 28 departments into one enterprise imaging platform.