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Think Sharing. Think X-Factor.

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Think Sharing. Think X-Factor.

Our DRX Detector Really Gets Around.

Can you take it on morning rounds? Use it in your X-ray room? In the OR, ER or ICU? Yes, yes, and yes! X-Factor Thinking delivers a detector ready to perform whenever and wherever you need it.

The X-Factor is the answer.

Emergency Room

Imaging with Confidence in the ER.

In the Emergency Room, the patient’s life can depend on fast, accurate diagnostic imaging – with no time to wait for equipment availability or imaging retakes.

Look to the X-Factor.

X-Factor allows any number of your facility’s DRX Detectors to be shared with the ER whenever needed – for fast, potentially life-saving imaging.

When the sharable DRX Detector is used with your ER’s DRX-Revolution Mobile System, it can provide:

  • Rapid, high-quality images at the point of care.
  • Faster diagnosis and more complete understanding of the nature and extent of injuries.
  • Faster positioning and quicker image capture when seconds count – thanks to its wireless design.

How can detector sharing speed your workflow?

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Bedside Imaging

Fast, Accurate Bedside Imaging.

Some patients can’t be easily transported for imaging. This is especially true for critically ill or injured patients in the ICU. But it also pertains to those in regular hospital rooms who are in traction or hooked to in-dwelling devices, such as tubes, lines and catheters.

X-Factor Thinking allows DRX Detectors to move from other departments in your facility to patient rooms or the ICU – for fast, high-quality images. When used with your DRX Revolution-Nano Mobile System the X-Factor can:

  • Eliminate the need to transport frail, critically ill patients to an X-ray room.
  • Provide fast, noninvasive imaging to support quick detection and resolution of complications, such as poorly positioned tubes and lines.
  • Help minimize the danger of infections, with a wireless, cable-free design.

Learn how we’ve taken detector image quality from good to great.

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Enhance Productivity in Your X-ray Rooms and Beyond.

X-Factor Thinking allows multiple detectors to provide superb, flexible imaging performance in your X-ray Rooms – and move seamlessly throughout your facility wherever imaging is needed.

  • During peak-demand hours, you can transition from a single-detector to a multi-detector room.
  • The X-Factor allows the same software and user interface to be used in each and every DRX Imaging Solution it’s deployed in – for impressive ease of use, improved throughput and less time training your staff.
  • Share DRX Detectors with your OR, ER or ICU – wherever and whenever they’re needed most.

Find the best detector for your facility.

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Make the X-Factor a Key Player in the OR.

Precise knowledge of a patient’s status during surgery is critical.

With the X-Factor, your facility’s DRX Detectors can be shared with your operating room whenever needed – keeping a thumb on the pulse of the patient’s status and the progress of the surgery.

When used with your OR’s DRX-Transportable Lite Tablet, the X- Factor can:

  • Provide interoperative X-rays at any point during the operation.
  • Monitor the patient’s anatomical response during the procedure.
  • Confirm the correct level surgery during orthopaedic spinal operations.

Protect against detector damage –

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DRX Family

Shareable DRX Detector across all DRX systems

Think Sharing. Think X-Factor.

A Single Detector Platform. A Family of DR Solutions.

With the X-Factor Detector Platform, our wireless DRX Detectors work across all your DRX equipment to provide images with superb speed and quality. Our full line of digital X-ray systems combines compatible, scalable components to meet today’s needs and position you for tomorrow’s growth.

Meet the entire family of DRX solutions.

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The X-Factor is the answer.

Our portfolio of sharable DRX Detectors includes wireless and fixed models to meet your demands based on exam type, detector size, dosage level, and budget.

Find the best detector for your facility.

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Accidents Happen.

You can’t prevent the occasional mishaps that damage detectors – but you can prepare for them. With the X-Factor, one solution is as simple as walking over to another department and borrowing their 100% compatible DRX detector.

For more complete protection, consider our Detector Accident Protection Plan.

Protect against detector damage.

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DRX Detector Family



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