Flexible RIS Supports First Phase Of Meaningful Use Certification Requirements

Broad Functionality Eliminates Need for Multiple Independent Systems

ORLANDO, Feb. 21 — Data workflows can be quickly and easily adapted to meet meaningful use (MU) requirements with the newest CARESTREAM RIS platform. The flexible RIS equips healthcare providers to adjust the capture and sharing of data to satisfy government regulations as well as emerging business needs. CARESTREAM RIS already meets the first phase of MU requirements, and the company is drafting an application for certification of its RIS as an EHR module that meets MU criteria.

“Our RIS allows meaningful data to be natively captured, stored, and communicated as part of a streamlined process that maintains a fully efficient workflow,” said Jeff McHugh, Sales Director, Healthcare Information Systems, US & Canada, Carestream Health. “Most importantly, our RIS offers the flexibility needed to support additional stages of meaningful use criteria, as well as other government regulations that may be forthcoming.”

The CARESTREAM RIS performs collection and/or receipt of: patient demographics, vital signs, smoking status, immunization records, diseases, allergies, and advanced directives for patients over 65. It also validates that patient medications were tracked by referring physicians.  

The RIS integrates easily with other information systems and delivers broad functionality that can replace the need for multiple independent systems. This functionality includes: innovative patient scheduling and tracking; built-in critical results reporting, including the ability to send text messages to referring physicians and track receipt; a native ACR peer review module; fully featured structured reporting; embedded voice recognition and voice-driven, mouse-less reporting; web-based scheduling for referring physicians with an option to allow patients to make or change appointments; reports on orders from referring physicians; specialized mammography reporting that meets country-specific requirements in North America and Europe; inventory management; document management; film tracking and support for standard or user-defined procedure codes.

The scalable CARESTREAM RIS supports single-site or multi-site healthcare systems of all sizes. Its powerful business intelligence capabilities offer easy access to the imaging workflow and deliver accurate data about personnel and equipment utilization so managers can make strategic decisions to help improve profitability.


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