Barcoding Shipping Document Requirements

To help reduce receiving errors and improve timely payments, Carestream requires all suppliers, who ship material into our receiving locations, to provide bar-coded shipping labels for each shipment that reflect the shipping content and Purchase Order detail.

For those suppliers utilizing our eCommerce portal, EC Outlook, you already have the capability to create bar coded shipping labels on any printer with functionality provided by EC Outlook. If you have questions, please contact EC Outlook Customer Support directly at US (888) 557-8662, X-3, Outside US: (214)717-5900, X-3 or e-mail:  

To those suppliers not using EC Outlook, please review the specifications attached below. These will provide a complete overview of the necessary fields we will require in order to properly scan packages at any of our worldwide facilities.

If you do not have the capability to create barcode labels currently:

  1. Contact your local Carestream Purchasing representative to obtain more information on getting set up on EC Outlook for electronic invoicing and barcode labeling functionality at no cost.
  2. Obtain your own barcode functionality and printing equipment to produce our required barcoded data. See below for functional specifications required for formatting.

Carestream Standard Barcode Format Provided by EC Outlook
EC Outlook Customer Support:
Phone: (888)557-8662, X-3
Outside US: (214)717-5900, X-3

Label Specification and Layout

Field Title: Ship To
Characteristic: REQUIRED
Data Content: Ship TO Name & Address

Field Title: Carestream Point of Use
Characteristic: REQUIRED (Enter “Not Applicable” if none is provided by Carestream)
Data Content: Carestream internal point of use (NOTE: 46 pt. font  size (use maximum available) required for visibility on 8.5 x 11 size label) other size acceptable..


Field Title: Carestream PO Number
Characteristic: REQUIRED (max characters = 11) – (NOTE: any dashes, slashes or spaces in any Carestream PO number must be STRIPPED OUT.  This is for the Purchase Order, Field 3, only)  Always print the SAME # of characters transmitted by Carestream.
Data Content: Purchase Order number

  • Must be BOTH Bar Code & human readable text.
  • Symbology to be #128b  (FONT SIZE = 14pt. Minimum)

Field Title: Carestream PO/Reference Line Number
Characteristic: REQUIRED (max characters = 5) MUST always “zero fill” to 5 places.
Data Content: applicable PO line item number

  • Must be BOTH Bar Code & human readable text.
  • Symbology to be #128b  (FONT SIZE = 14pt. Minimum)

Field Title: Quantity Total Shipment
Characteristic: REQUIRED (max characters = 13)
Data Content: TOTAL numeric quantity sent in this shipment per the PO unit of measure.  Receiving uses this amount to record the  TOTAL quantity of the current shipment against the appropriate PO  line item.  

  • Must be BOTH Bar Code & human readable text.
  • Symbology to be #128b  (FONT SIZE = 14pt. Minimum)

Field Title: Carestream material number
Characteristic: REQUIRED (max characters = 18) Always print the SAME # of characters transmitted by Carestream. (if provided by Carestream)
Data Content: Carestream material number

  • Must be BOTH Bar Code & human readable text.
  • Symbology to be #128b  (FONT SIZE = 14pt. Minimum)

Field Title: Advance Ship Notice
Characteristic: OPTIONAL
Data Content: Advanced Shipment Notification Number.

  • Must be BOTH Bar Code & human readable text
  • Symbology to be #128b

Advance Ship Notice (ASN) depicted in Field 7 is NOT in general use at this time.  Unless ASN is fully implemented between your company and Carestream
ASN format = Carestream Vendor Number + 8 digit Sequential Number (defined as Last Shipment sequential # + 1) concatenated) (eg. 105491200000001) (NOTE: if Carestream provides a Supply Hub Reference Number (Field 8) then DO NOT transmit an ASN number to Carestream)


Field Title: Carestream Supply Hub Reference Number
Characteristic: REQUIRED (max characters = 10)


Field Title: Ship From
Characteristic: REQUIRED
Data Content: Shipped FROM Name & Address, plus contact phone number


Field Title: Number of container(s) represented in this shipment
Characteristic: REQUIRED
Data Content: number of total containers referenced in this shipment  NOTE: The Container field denoted as Field 10 on the label is for entry of the total number of CONTAINERS shipped.  If 10 pallets are shipped together then each pallet label will be marked 1 of 10, 2 of 10 etc. OR just marked 10 pallets  A container is defined as an individual shipping container. This means that if 4 items are over packed into a single case then the total number of containers will be 1. Thus only each CONTAINER has to have a separate Carestream inbound shipping label.


Field Title: Carestream Material Description
Characteristic: REQUIRED (if provided on PO)
Data Content: description of material ordered by Carestream


Field Title: Carestream PO Unit of Measure
Characteristic: REQUIRED
Data Content: show the unit of measure as defined by the purchase order


Field Title: Carestream SLOC
Characteristic: REQUIRED (Enter “NO DATA” if none is provided by Carestream) 
Data Content: alpha / numeric location reference for internal Carestream use


Field Title: Shipment Lot Number
Characteristic: OPTIONAL
Data Content: Leave blank, or enter any Supplier data


Example 1
Example format is 8½" x 11" (printed from EC Outlook); other sizes are acceptable.

barcode example 1


Example 2
Example of actual printed label:

barcode example 2