We have a vision for a better world, and as a major contributor to the healthcare field, we must ensure that our actions align with our mission to promote health and wellness globally. This means that we must act consciously and make responsible decisions throughout the entire lifecycle of our products and services: from conceptualization through the end-of-life.


Carestream Cares about meeting the needs of our customers by providing innovative solutions and outstanding experiences, running efficient operations that minimize environmental impacts, and managing our activities in a socially responsible manner. Because Carestream Cares, we help create a better life for people around the world.

Carestream Cares about:

  • Product Design: Adoption of “Design for the Environment (DfE)” concepts during product commercialization
  • Manufacturing: Efficient use of natural resources and energy, reduction of harmful emissions and minimization of waste
  • Suppliers: Promoting fair labor practices, efficient material use and strong environmental performance
  • Employees: Enabling an injury free workplace, proper working conditions and supporting volunteer efforts
  • Health Assistance: Supporting developing countries and all countries during times of disaster recovery

We officially launched our sustainability program in 2014, and we have released our first sustainability report for 2016 (click on the report icon). Our report content is aligned with the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, a combination of the General Standard Disclosures and the Specific Standard Disclosures determined by our materiality assessment.


Working to Continuously Improve

In order to improve, we are asking you to send us your feedback on our sustainability report, as well as any suggestions to help us to continue to improve our performance and promote sustainability worldwide.