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Carestream Trademark and Brand

Usage guidelines for customers, resellers and other third parties

At Carestream, our brand is a promise—a promise of the value we bring to our customers. To remain strong, it must be used properly by all. Follow these guidelines for using the Carestream trademark and brands.

Masterbrand Mark

The Carestream Masterbrand Mark is more than just our logo. It’s the foundation on which our powerful brand communications are built.

The Masterbrand Mark is made up of custom letter forms and spacing joined together to create a unique and ownable brand mark.

The Masterbrand Mark should:

  • ONLY be represented in ORANGE, WHITE or BLACK
  • NEVER be modified
  • Always be used horizontally
  • NEVER be recreated or represented in a different color or font
  • NEVER be tilted, rotated, elongated or distorted
  • NEVER be used in a headline or body copy

The CARESTREAM ORANGE Masterbrand Mark can ONLY be placed on a WHITE background.

Should the Masterbrand Mark need to be placed on a background color other than WHITE, the ONLY other color options for the Mark is BLACK or WHITE.

Download the complete guide to the Carestream Masterbrand Marks (PDF).

Download the Masterbrand Mark in eps format.

Download the Masterbrand Mark in png format.

Third Party Brand Association

Third parties must be authorized to use corporate trademarks to promote the sale of Carestream products.

DO NOT join or combine your own logos or marks with the Carestream Masterbrand Mark.

ONLY use the Carestream Masterbrand Mark in direct association with names, illustrations or photographs of Carestream products and services.

When the Carestream Masterbrand Mark is used where other manufacturers’ products are shown, the Masterbrand Mark must be placed in association with a Carestream product.

DO NOT use design elements or create logos or slogans that are similar to those used by the Carestream brand.

Proper Name Usage

Carestream Health is the official name of the company.

In all formal written communications such as collateral and other marketing materials, the fi¬rst mention of the company should be Carestream Health.

Subsequent reference in the same communication can be shortened to just Carestream.

See below outlining proper name usage:

  • Carestream Health, Inc. represents the US Parent Company and is used in copyright (©) lines and legal documents
  • The use of Carestream in upper/lower case is representing the company (i.e. Carestream Health)
  • The use of CARESTREAM in all CAPS is representing one of our product brands (i.e. CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution).

Use of Kodak Brand

When we became an independent company in 2007, agreements were made between Kodak and Carestream that permitted us to use the KODAK brand on our products while we planned for the transition to the CARESTREAM brand.

We have converted to CARESTREAM branding on our DRX family of DR products, our computed radiography portfolio and on all of our Healthcare Information Technology Systems. Our medical film products will complete the transition in 2013.

DO NOT place the Kodak name or brand in association with a Carestream product at any time.

DO remove existing references to Kodak that are in direct association with Carestream products and services.

CBrand Mark

Carestream Brand MarkThe "CBrand Mark" is for online use by Carestream ONLY (for example, the favicon, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blog avatars) and has been designed to represent the Carestream brand when the Masterbrand Mark CANNOT be used due to size restrictions.

DO NOT use the "CBrand Mark" unless you have prior permission from Carestream.

DO NOT use design elements or create online avatars that are similar to the "CBrand Mark" used by the Carestream brand.

Links to

These guides outline the best way to leverage information available via the Internet, while ensuring protection of the Carestream brand:

  • DO link to the Carestream homepage or interior pages using hyperlinks.
  • DO hyperlink to the Carestream homepage as long as you clearly indicate that the end user will exit your website and enter the Carestream homepage.
  • DO deeplink (a link that bypasses the homepage and takes the user directly to an interior page) ONLY when there is a requirement for information about Carestream products and services.
  • DO NOT use a hyperlink or deeplink to present work created by Carestream as your own; no links should cause confusion or imply that you are affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Carestream.
  • DO NOT frame any Carestream webpage or content. (Framing is an alternative form of linking that allows an end user to view a linked webpage within a “frame” in the original website.)
  • Unless specifically authorized by Carestream, DO NOT use Carestream in the meta-tags of your website. (A meta-tag is an HTML tag that provides information about the webpage and allows search engines to index content more effectively.)
  • DO NOT use Carestream as part of a domain name. For example, inappropriate domain names include
  • Unless expressly authorized by Carestream DO NOT create new content based on any Carestream copyrighted content. It is considered derivative work if your work is based on the modification or adaptation of Carestream webpage content, graphical design, illustration, color scheme, visual appearance, or any other original work created by Carestream.
  • DO NOT re-host any Carestream webpages, applications, or content without permission from Carestream. (Re-hosting is presenting a copy of Carestream webpages and having that copy reside on your server.)

Contact Us

Complete Carestream Brand Identity Guidelines are available upon request.

Should you require additional guidance, need a branding review, or would like a copy of our complete Carestream Brand Identity Guidelines, please submit your request using the following form:

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