Women’s Healthcare Solutions from Carestream Health Deliver Advanced Image Capture, Improved Productivity

New “Work in Progress” Screens Will Offer Improved Image Quality

CHICAGO, Nov. 29 — Carestream Health has expanded its portfolio of imaging and information management solutions for women’s healthcare with the announcement of new “work in progress” screens for its CR mammography imaging systems. The new EHR-M3 screens will feature reduced noise and a higher DQE for improved image quality. Availability is slated for first quarter of 2010.

These screens will be available for use with all existing and new KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR Systems that are equipped with the company’s Mammography Feature. The Mammography Feature is available in Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, Asia and other regions of the world where approved for use .

Carestream Health’s CR mammography system now offers two additional mammography image processing preference settings that reduce noise for improved reader confidence. To date, the company has sold more than 3,000 CR systems with its Mammography Feature worldwide.

Multi-Modality Workstation Boosts Productivity 
The company’s solutions portfolio also includes a vendor-neutral, multi-modality CARESTREAM Mammography Workstation that offers improved radiologist productivity along with the ability to display surgical files, clinical images and patient data in any format at one workstation. It enables diagnostic review of all breast imaging exams (FFDM, ultrasound, MR, CR and others) as well as all general radiology exams—eliminating workflow bottlenecks created by the need for radiologists to read FFDM exams on each vendor’s proprietary workstation, and then switch to additional workstations to review other types of breast and general radiology exams.

User-defined display protocols, advanced reading tools and a choice of ergonomic navigation devices further expedite reading of images. Diagnostic confidence also can be enhanced through the display of mammography CAD markers, integration of breast MRI CAD, and decision support tools. In addition, the mammography workstation can be integrated with RIS/PACS and reporting systems from various vendors via standard industry protocols.
The company’s mammography workstation can be integrated with RIS/PACS systems from multiple vendors and allows rapid access to images for remote diagnosis when combined with the new CARESTREAM SuperPACS™ platform. 

RIS/PACS Offer Mammography-Specific Tools
Carestream Health also offers mammography-specific modules on its RIS and PACS platforms that deliver specialized reading tools, time-saving patient scheduling and communications techniques and streamlined reporting capabilities.

The new CARESTREAM RIS utilizes a productive role-based interface with mammography functionality including support for double blind screening. This RIS also can be used to capture patient history, current exam findings, pathology reports, patient follow-up and tracking and help automate radiology reports. Letters to patients and referring physicians can be quickly customized, generated and tracked. Available reports include: MQSA basic audit data, initial diagnosis statistics, patient follow-up and patient status. The new RIS will be available for order by the end of 2009.

A “work in progress” patient portal for the RIS mammography module will allow screening mammography patients to make and change their own appointments on-line. This not only can reduce administrative costs, it also can optimize productivity in a mammography facility by reducing “no shows”.


About Carestream Health, Inc. 
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