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Carestream Health’s New RIS Offers Compelling Workflow, Productivity Gains Across Single or Multiple Sites

CHICAGO, Nov. 29 — At the annual RSNA meeting Carestream Health, Inc., demonstrated compelling benefits of its newest CARESTREAM RIS platform including: gains in productivity for schedulers, radiologists and managers; customizable features that streamline workflow throughout the enterprise; and critical results reporting to help ensure the highest level of patient care. In addition, strategic management tools help providers analyze performance and maximize revenue opportunities. The new RIS will be available for order by the end of 2009.

“Our new RIS supports productivity-enhancing features for individual users and facilities, while giving managers new tools to measure and optimize business performance across multiple locations. This platform can help healthcare providers of all sizes realize greater efficiency and lower costs in their imaging workflow—and generate stronger revenue as a result,” said Diana L. Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream Health. 

The CARESTREAM RIS includes the following powerful features:

  • Scheduling of single, dual and series imaging exams is expedited by allowing schedulers to view availability of rooms, equipment and personnel across multiple locations. Artificial intelligence is used to confirm eligibility, and coding is consistent and accurate. Schedulers and all other users can personalize their system interface to address their specific tasks. Basic and advanced screen commands are available to help enhance productivity for experienced staffers while allowing new employees to quickly become proficient.
  • Radiologists’ productivity is significantly improved through interactive voice dictation, voice command and control and mouse-less reporting. The RIS selects a standardized report based on the exam procedure, and patient and exam information is pre-populated. This eliminates the need for radiologists to search for the appropriate report format and manually insert information into it. After a radiologist enters a diagnosis, key images can be automatically inserted into the report (this feature is a work in progress that will be available in early 2010). A full portfolio of distribution methods is supported including emails, text messages, faxes or CDs.
  • Critical results notification helps ensure that patients in critical situations receive immediate and appropriate action. This module automatically tracks notification to referring physicians and confirms delivery of diagnostic results. Administrative screens make it easy for personnel to gather tracking and reporting data required to generate reports for JCAHO.
  • Customizable features are readily available to equip providers to enhance individual and enterprise-wide workflow. These include user-defined screen displays, patient communication materials, scheduling rules that can vary by site, management reports and other important functions.
  • Strategic management tools help administrators convert greater productivity and efficiency into gains in profitability. Standard and customized reports display data needed to analyze overall operations including staff and resource utilization, as well as contributing factors such as cancelled exams and patient no-show lists. If administrators determine that process and workflow changes are needed, they can redesign screen displays to support these adjustments. The RIS also supports integration of in-house or outsourced billing systems.
  • Fully featured mammography tools capture patient history, current exam findings, pathology reports, patient follow-up and tracking and help automate radiology reports. Letters to patients and referring physicians can be quickly customized, generated and tracked. Available reports include: MQSA basic audit data, initial diagnosis statistics, patient follow-up and patient status.

CARESTREAM RIS is Microsoft® .NET-connected to offer unmatched flexibility and scalability, while supporting an optimized radiology workflow across small, single-site or large, multi-site enterprises.


About Carestream Health, Inc. 
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