Carestream Health Spotlights Vendor-Neutral Archiving Solution That Consolidates Varied Data Into Efficient Shared Resource

Archive Can Streamline Medical Data Management, Reduce Expenses

CHICAGO, Nov. 29 — Carestream Health, Inc., launched an enhanced vendor-neutral archiving solution that delivers a consolidated data storage and management solution for any data type, regardless of vendor. This solution, which is a component of CARESTREAM Information Management Solutions (IMS), equips healthcare providers to bring disparate PACS and data systems into a shared, long-term data management solution that can streamline management tasks and reduce costs. This vendor-neutral archiving solution is available worldwide and was shown at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

Carestream Health’s IMS platform also includes an off-site archiving option known as CARESTREAM eHealth Managed Services.

“Maintaining storage silos for each clinical department is extremely expensive both in terms of equipment and management expenses. Our IMS solution allows healthcare providers to effectively consolidate a wide variety of DICOM and non-DICOM data sources from multiple sites into a flexible solution that simplifies administrative functions and contains costs,” said Diana L. Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream Health. 

Carestream Health’s IMS platform supports popular storage products from leading vendors, which enables healthcare providers to avoid expensive migration of legacy systems by adopting this flexible, standards-based architecture that can support new applications, information sources, modalities and data types.

Platform Builds Complete Patient Portfolio   
Carestream Health’s IMS platform provides access to a complete patient portfolio, supporting both DICOM and non-DICOM data types. Authorized users can access all types of patient records from a single virtual desktop—located anywhere in the enterprise—eliminating the need to review data at dedicated workstations. Furthermore, DICOM and non-DICOM data for each patient can be displayed side-by-side within a single viewing session, enabling maximum productivity. Data can be retrieved regardless of its physical storage device or location. With Carestream Health’s unique streaming and tunneling technology, data also can be quickly delivered to users, on demand from any location, eliminating the need to pre-fetch the data in advance.  

The IMS platform delivers a multi-tier XDS repository for DICOM data and non-DICOM objects. It supports best-of-breed storage technologies including NAS (network attached storage), SAN (storage area network) and CAS (content addressable storage) from a variety of vendors. Patient information in any form (PDF, JPG, TIF) can be included as part of the record. In addition to HL7 and PIX, IMS also supports emerging IHE data sharing standards such as XDS-1 and WADO. 

About eHealth Managed Services
The company’s eHealth Managed Services (eMS) now manages 12 million imaging studies—representing more than 500 terabytes of data—worldwide. The company operates eight data centers in five countries to service providers throughout North America and Europe.
Outsourcing clinical data management to eMS allows healthcare facilities to leverage and share a common data center platform and pay only a fraction of the total cost based on their own utilization. eHealth Managed Services establishes an easy way for healthcare organizations to selectively and securely share information among authorized users in many locations. It also provides disaster recovery and business continuity.


About Carestream Health, Inc. 
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