Carestream Health Shows Innovative New DR Retrofit Kits For Mobile X-Ray Systems As Work In Progress

Lightweight, Wireless DRX-1 Detector Can Help Improve Productivity

CHICAGO, Nov. 29 — Carestream Health, Inc., showed as work in progress an innovative retrofit kit that will allow users to quickly and easily upgrade several vendors’ mobile x-ray generators with its wireless, cassette-size CARESTREAM DRX-1 detector for immediate digital image capture.

The kit is a very affordable way for healthcare providers to convert conventional mobile x-ray systems from CR to DR, and achieve valuable gains in workflow. The lightweight, wireless and durable DRX-1 detector can improve staff productivity, and make positioning more comfortable for critically ill patients compared to systems with heavier, tethered DR detectors.

The company demonstrated GE AMX-4+ and Siemens Mobilett® Plus mobile x-ray systems equipped with the DRX-1 retrofit at its booth at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual conference. 

To support the imaging needs of ICU departments, Carestream Health will offer innovative software that can help enable more accurate diagnosis. Using the original exposure, the new software will display an enhanced image with more precise visualization of lines and tubes, which are typically difficult to view.

The DRX-1 detector offers the same consistent user interface featured on all the company’s CR and DR systems to maximize staff efficiency and reduce the need for training.   

Because the DRX-1 detector is the same size as a CR cassette, it can use standard grids. Preview images are available in about six seconds. Patient images can be transmitted to existing HIS/RIS or PACS systems over a secure wireless network.


About Carestream Health, Inc.
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CARESTREAM is a trademark of Carestream Health, Inc. Mobilett is a registered trademark of Siemens Healthcare.