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Si vous voulez en savoir plus (voici le lien vers notre politique de confidentialité, qui contient des informations détaillées sur la façon dont nous utilisons les cookies ainsi que des informations si vous souhaitez changer leurs paramètres). Launches as New Contract Manufacturing Business for High-Precision, Multi-Layer Coating

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 12 - Carestream Health, Inc., formerly Eastman Kodak Company's Health Group, announces the launch of new contract manufacturing business that provides solvent and aqueous coating services using state-of-the-art technologies for medical, display, electronics and imaging products. Based at the company's world-class manufacturing facilities in White City, Ore., and Windsor, Colo., leverages its worldwide network of manufacturing resources to deliver specialized high-speed, multi-layer, precision coatings. is already serving the needs of Fortune 100 customers as well as smaller companies. Its services are ideally suited for a variety of applications that require "clean" high-precision coating including: medical and imaging devices; display and touchscreens; flexible electronics; security devices; solar, battery and fuel cell assemblies; membranes and specialty tape applications.

"We deliver safe, efficient production and high-quality products using lean manufacturing principles. With planning, logistics, finance and purchasing competencies available on site, we offer a full supply-chain solution," said Bruno Merry, Director of Manufacturing Business Development, Carestream Health. "Our advanced processes and capabilities enable us to bring new products into production quickly and cost effectively."

He added that the staff applies the extensive knowledge gained during decades of experience with Kodak's medical film production into the manufacture of other high-technology products that require a clean environment, extremely high standards and tight tolerances.

" brings a great deal of coating expertise to customers, which is not surprising given its long heritage with Kodak," said Larry Gogolin, of Gogolin & Associates and a member of the AIMCAL (Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators) Technical Advisory Panel. "Based on my direct experience working with's Oregon coating plant, it's clear that their development capabilities, technical support staff and operations group, and equipment are exceptional." offers the following advanced capabilities:

  • Single or multi-layer coating on paper, film, cloth and other substrates at widths from 20-74 inches
  • Ability to handle organic solvents at high concentrations
  • Line speeds of up to 1,800 feet per minute
  • Long dryer lengths and multiple options for drying and curing
  • Rapid line changeovers
  • Handling of substrates and foils of .5-10 mil thickness
  • Expertise in a wide range of coating technologies and applications including slide, gravure, curtain, roll and slot die coating services also include PET film manufacturing, extensive solutions preparation, analytical lab and converting capabilities:

  • PET film manufacturing services offer optical and imaging-quality films in widths from 37-74 inches
  • Solutions preparation includes computer-controlled processes, small and large batch sizes, solvent- and water-based chemistry and a large range of viscosity capabilities
  • Advanced analytical lab capabilities (including wet chemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy, and microscopy) can help launch new products quickly and accurately
  • Complete converting and packaging services, in addition to national and international shipping services (including ocean containers); Converting of roll and sheet goods are conducted at various locations worldwide to offer optimal costs facilities hold ISO certifications for environmental and medical devices in addition to ISO 9001 certification. For more information, please visit


About is a contract coating business offering a variety of high-precision, multi-layer coating services that are well suited for a wide variety of applications including medical, display, and electronics products. Its solvent and aqueous coating facilities provide wide, high speed, multi-layer, precision coatings. The business is owned and operated by Carestream Health, Inc., a global healthcare imaging and technology provider (formerly Eastman Kodak Company's Health Group), and exploits technology and assets acquired by Carestream Health from 3M, Imation and Eastman Kodak Company.

For more information, please visit