Carestream Molecular Imaging’s New Image Analysis Software Enhances Data Accuracy and Productivity

Versatile Cross-Platform Software Supports both in vivo and in vitro Optical Molecular Imaging Applications

SAN DIEGO, April 12 — Carestream Molecular Imaging, a division of Carestream Health, Inc., announced a new software release that enables medical and life science researchers to improve data accuracy, workflow and productivity when analyzing optical molecular images.

With several new feature enhancements, KODAK Molecular Imaging Software 5.0 supports the company’s broad portfolio of digital systems including KODAK In-Vivo Systems, KODAK Image Stations, and KODAK Gel Logic Systems.

The software is designed to perform digital capture and analysis for a wide range of optical molecular imaging applications, such as electrophoresis gels, protein blots, plate assays and small animal (in vivo) studies, among others.

“This sophisticated but user-friendly, cross-platform digital imaging software delivers unprecedented versatility for tens of thousands of customers,” said Shahram Hejazi, PhD, President, Carestream Molecular Imaging. “Since this new release delivers innovative new features for both in vitro and in vivo applications, users can easily migrate between different types of experiments and applications.”

An important new capability provided by this release is its ability to correct spatial non-uniformity across the image field, delivering up to a 30-fold improvement in field uniformity. Spatial non-uniformity has traditionally limited the derivation of quantitative data and productivity-enhancing automation tools for fluorescent image capture.

Users can now leverage multiple-band flat-field correction to enhance quantitation of epi-fluorescence imaging. This technique corrects macroscopic epi-fluorescence measurements across an image field against system spatial nonuniformity for any combination of excitation and detection wavelength bands between the near ultraviolet and near infrared. The efficiency of the fluorescence return enables the efficient collection and archiving of extensive libraries of correction files. New correction options for emission filter transmission efficiency and illumination variation are also available.

The software also includes numerous other enhancements in file compatibility, image display, printing, region of interest and annotations that makes it more intuitive, flexible and easy to use. While designed to support KODAK Molecular Imaging Systems, KODAK Molecular Imaging Software 5.0 can also analyze images acquired using any TWAIN scanner or device. It can be used to analyze TIFF or JPEG images from a variety of other imaging systems including video systems and phosphor imagers. Once images are acquired, users can document and analyze images with floating point accuracy; prepare results for publication and presentation; print images, analysis results and annotations; maintain images, results and annotations as projects; and manage projects using a powerful database.

Support and Availability

KODAK Molecular Imaging Software 5.0 supports Windows and Macintosh platforms, including Apple’s new Macintosh OS X Leopard operating system. “Support for Leopard and other Macintosh users is important for many of our customers, because so many academic researchers utilize the Macintosh platform,” Hejazi added.

KODAK Molecular Imaging Software 5.0 will be available later this spring. It can be downloaded at no charge by Carestream Molecular Imaging Software 4.x users, and by users of older KODAK 1D Image Analysis Software for a nominal fee. For more information, visit or call 1-877-747-4357, express code 7. Outside of the United States, call 1-203-786-5657.

Carestream Health, an independent company, has licensed the KODAK brand for use with its own brands across its portfolio of leading-edge molecular imaging, medical imaging and healthcare IT products.


About Carestream Molecular Imaging

Carestream Molecular Imaging group, a division of Carestream Health, Inc., develops and markets high performance digital imaging systems, imaging agents, film and accessories under the KODAK brand for the life science research, specimen radiography and drug discovery/development market segments.


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Carestream Health, Inc., is a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions; molecular imaging systems for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments; and x-ray film and digital x-ray products for the non-destructive testing market. The company was formed in 2007 when Onex Corporation (TSX: OCX.TO) purchased Eastman Kodak Company’s Health Group. For more information about Carestream Health, contact your Carestream Health representative or visit

KODAK is a trademark of Kodak used under license.