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Carestream Health Announces New Digital Radiography Software That Enhances Image Processing, Workflow for DR 7500

OCTOBER 7, 2008

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 7 — Carestream Health Inc., unveiled new software for its DR 7500 digital radiography system that delivers greater user control over image display, more consistent presentation of images across soft copy and hard copy devices, and enhanced image processing algorithms.

The new software contains KODAK DIRECTVIEW EVP Plus, which provides more consistent image presentation and orthogonal control of image processing. This sophisticated algorithm allows for simple and independent control of brightness, latitude, detail contrast and other parameters. In addition, a new tool available with EVP Plus allows for images to be calibrated to radiologist preferences, which optimizes image presentation and reduces the need for reprocessing. The software also supports an unlimited number of body parts and projections.

The new KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR software has a customizable user interface and provides 45 new electronic image markers to improve communication between technologists, radiologists and referring physicians. Its updated graphic user interface can improve efficiency because most used functions are more visible and easier to access, and is consistent with Carestream Health’s CR user interface to boost productivity and reduce cross training of technologists. Reporting software delivers data that can be used by radiology administrators to help improve image quality, determine the need for technologist training and boost staff productivity.

The software also supports the IHE CPI integration profile for consistent presentation of images in soft copy and hard copy and DxIOD image tags that allow for better communication with PACS, while providing better data for radiologists’ hanging protocols. The new software also provides integration of CR and DR images from Carestream Health’s platforms.         

The new KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR Software will be available first for KODAK DIRECTVIEW DR 7500 Systems, and subsequently on DR 9500/3500/3000 systems. Existing DR 7500 systems can be upgraded with the new software. Orders from DR 7500 customers worldwide will be accepted in November. The software will be available for other DR models in early 2009.


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