Carestream Introduces Personal Protection System for Frontline Workers

New Personal Face Shield is Lightweight, Durable and Reusable for Use with Other PPE

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 10 — Carestream Health has entered the personal protection equipment (PPE) market with the launch of the CARESTREAM Shield, solving problems of discomfort and difficulty of use commonly associated with personal face shields.

Carestream has a proven track record in disciplined development of digital medical imaging systems. The company has applied this expertise in developing its new face shield, which will help front-line healthcare workers protect themselves from risky exposure to fluids.

Designed to be used as supplemental protection in conjunction with a face mask, goggles and other PPE, the 9 x 16-inch shield aims to protect healthcare workers from exposure to infection. The face shield safeguards a user’s eyes, nose and mouth from acutely expelled aerosols of bodily fluid.

A breathable and lightweight system with an adjustable visor, the shield has flexible baseball-cap style straps for a personalized fit. Its forehead cushion provides a soft and slip-resistant contact point eliminating the need to adjust the system during a patient visit. 

The face shield reduces the buildup of fog and sweat—a too common occurrence with the use of face masks—through an opening at the top, allowing hot air from the body to ventilate away from the face. While these new reusable shields are easy to disassemble, carry, store and disinfect, they are also replaceable to maintain visibility and help limit the spread of infection.

The Carestream supplemental PPE face shield is available in two distance-from-face options. The standard model, nearly two inches from the forehead, provides excellent protection without sacrificing mobility. The extended model, 2.5 inches from the forehead, allows even more space between the face and the shield to fit bulky eye-wear or PPE like dental loupes, glasses, goggles and larger respirators.

Carestream will make its new face shield available for purchase in the United States and will expand to other worldwide geographies over the next few months. Customers may call 1-800-677-9933 for more information about product availability for their area.