Image acquisition and management for CR and DR Systems

Image Suite V4 Software has set a new benchmark for workflow efficiency in smaller facilities. Powered by our Eclipse Image Processing engine, this robust software features an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface, an enhanced set of tools, streamlined workflow and improved image quality. Our advanced "mini-PACS" module allows superb image management and analysis, and is now fully optional. Get the high-quality images you need with a system that’s a perfect fit – at very affordable price.

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Image Suite Benefits

Image Suite Workflow
Accelerate the Registration Process – From Anywhere
  • Register patients remotely with Web-based software
  • Selection graphics allow for quick and easy picking of the body parts and views
  • Add new body parts and views, edit existing ones or apply custom processing
  • Connect with DICOM or HL7 Compliant EMR/RIS systems for a simplified workflow

Pair with Carestream CR and DR Systems for Quick Capture

  • Able to acquire images from wireless and tethered DRX Core Detector, as well as Focus 35C Detector and Vita Flex and Classic CR Systems.
  • Touch friendly user interface allows simple navigation for a enhanced user experience
  • Clinical tools and applications including circular masking, histogram, analysis, ROI pixel value and more
  • Improve image quality and accelerate workflow using reference positioning images and sample X-ray images guides
  • Utilize the image-rejection analysis feature to track issues with exams
  • Ability to automatically acquire DAP and technique information eliminating the need for manual entry  

Obtain High Quality Images

  • Improve workflow and productivity with Image Suite's simple, easy-to-use image acquisition screen
  • Fine-tune image processing with the click of a button, using simple slide bars to adjust brightness, contrast or detail from the acquisition screen
  • Utilize up to 20 concurrent web viewer sessions for increased productivity
  • Utilize specialized measurement tools for chiropractic, orthopedic or mammography (Not available in the U.S.)
  • Automatic and Manual Stitch Editors allow you to manipulate and paste individual images together to create precisely the long length view you need
  • Access patient images and reports anywhere with the Tablet Viewer on an iPad  

Speed Diagnoses, Improve Patient Care

  • Boost productivity by viewing multiple images simultaneously via dual-monitor support on Web clients
  • Receive images from CT, MR, Ultrasound and additional CRs/DRs with optional DICOM store SCP software
  • Generate/Review reports on multiple web clients throughout your facility
  • Perform system quality testing with Image Suite’s Total Quality Tool software
  • Safely transfer DICOM images over the Internet without the necessity of VPN or encrypted tunnel connections using the OmniLink software - ideal for mobile applications

 Share and Store Images Efficiently

  • Maximize security with on-demand or scheduled backup
  • Perform backups to CDs and removable USBs for off-line storage
  • Optimize usability of images with JPEG or DICOM export tools
  • Support multi-format print composition with independent image-editing capabilities 


Focus 35C Detector with Image Suite


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