History of Innovation


Simultaneous, Precision Multilayer Coating and Manufacturing Expertise

Leveraging 100+ years of precision coating innovation and market leadership from our 3M/Kodak history, Carestream remains at the forefront of numerous technological advancements in medical imaging and healthcare IT. Carestream has more than 5,000 employees, $1.5B in annual revenue and operations worldwide, with more than 840 patents for innovative technology.

As a leader in simultaneous, precision multilayer coating technology, we apply our aqueous and solvent coating proficiency at bench, pilot and production-scale manufacturing for optimal product design, technology integration and manufacturability. Partners utilize our coating expertise, manufacturing assets and new product commercialization processes to develop a wide range of products for energy storage, display, medical, optical, electronic and other advanced materials applications.

Our multilayer coating process delivers process development advantages that can dramatically improve performance and reduce cost by allowing additional layers to be coated in one pass through the coating machine – enabling manufacturing partnerships that bring disruptive products to market.

History of Innovation