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Recent blog posts include:

Defining Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning in Diagnostic Imaging
You’ve likely heard the terms “artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning” in the past year. If you’re unclear about their meanings – and their applications in diagnostic imaging – you’re not alone. In this blog, we define the terms and their roles in radiology.

Best Apps for Radiology
“There’s an app for that.” And we’ve listed the best ones for you in this blog. You’ll learn about apps for radiology students, technologists, and educators; apps for referrings and attendings to facilitate consultation; and even apps to help you keep up with radiology literature. Let us know if you have one to add to the list!

University of Iowa Health Care’s Enterprise Imaging Roadmap
UI believes that clinical images should be as accessible to doctors, referring physicians, and patients as their clinical documentation and lab reports. Read their blog to learn about their enterprise imaging roadmap. Theirs is just one of many blogs written by healthcare professionals. Read them all in our Expert Insights section!