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HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool

Helping you work better

The HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool reduces your risk on any project by eliminating the guesswork surrounding system calibration. The Diagnostic Tool is simple to use, reducing the traditionally complex task of checking system calibration down to only a few minutes and the click of a button.

  • No more guessing whether your system is operating properly before evaluating images.
  • All system parameters checked are reported on and documented for proof that when you worked a specific job your system was in proper calibration.

  • Features
  • System Specifications
  • Parameters Measured
  • Kit Components
  • Order Information


  • Economical way to check calibration in minutes
  • Simple to use, fits easily into regular workflow
  • Non-subjective and fully automated analysis
  • No dependence on third party test instruments or complex procedures
  • Allows you to archive and view up to 50 previous test results to evaluate performance history
  • Provides documented proof of system readiness in minutes
  • Ensures your system is functioning within factory specifications
  • Eliminates the risk associated with using a system not operating within specifications


System Specifications

Parameters Measured

Kit Components

Order Information