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Eclipse is the engine behind our innovative imaging software platforms. It uses AI technology and proprietary algorithms to significantly increase the value of the entire imaging chain, from capture to diagnosis. Today, Eclipse powers features for imaging intelligence, workflow efficiency, and healthcare analytics.

With the introduction of Dual Energy and Digital Tomosynthesis, you’ll have the power to simplify workflow through enhanced image quality, and improved dose efficiency.

Dual Energy

Dual Energy uses patented differential filtration to subtract rapidly acquired low and high energy acquisitions for the generation of bone and soft tissue images.


  • Improved detection sensitivity for abnormalities in the lung as overlying rib structures are subtracted - infectious consolidations, interstitial lung changes, and aortic or tracheal calcification


  • Improved assessment of bone abnormalities that can simulate disease and may mimic a solitary pulmonary nodule - bone islands, costochondral osteophytes, or healing rib fractures
  • Improved specificity because of anatomy material quantification – differentiation of calcified vs. non-calcified nodule, etc.

Digital Tomosynthesis

Digital Tomosynthesis is a technique where a finite number of projection images are acquired at varying orientations of the x-ray tube, patient and detector. These projection images are then reconstructed into a series of coronal slices through the object that is parallel to the detector.

When compared to conventional radiography, DT provides:

  • Depth localization
  • Improved contrast visualization of local structures by removing clutter associated with over and underlying anatomy
Std. CXR

Std. CXR

Digital Tomosynthesis

Digital Tomosynthesis

What’s Your Favorite Look?

Some facilities prefer a radiograph with strong detail contrast. Others opt for a look that’s brighter, one that’s sharper or one that displays wider latitude. Our EVP Plus feature allows you to select from a range of default looks… or customize your look through a simple user interface.

Independent controls for brightness, latitude, detail contrast, sharpness and noise let you create precisely the look you need.

Explore New Frontiers.

With the power of Eclipse, you’ll find a new universe of viewing capabilities -- adjusting, manipulating and viewing your images your way – and in tune with each patient’s condition.

  • EVP (Enhanced Visualization Processing) Plus
  • Tube and line Visualization
  • Bone Suppression
  • Pneumothorax Visualization
  • Pediatric Capabilities
  • SmartGrid
  • Long-Length Imaging

Experience Eclipse, and see image processing in a whole new light.

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