Carestream Introduces New Products for HPX-1 Users

 February, 2011 – Carestream NDT knows that in order to maximize performance on the job, HPX-1 users constantly need new innovative tools. Unlike many CR companies, we’ve been hard at work to bring our customers three new products for optimizing their HPX-1 Digital CR System.

The new  HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool Kit  is a simple kit that allows users to check key system parameters of their HPX-1 against factory specifications within minutes.
   - Ensure optimum performance
   - Non-subjective, automated analysis
   - Store and review previous tests
   - Provides proof of system calibration
   - Reduces risk and guesswork

The new  HPX-1 Small and irregular Plate Carrier 
A new way to run all of your small and/or irregular plates on your HPX-1 system
   - Accepts any shapes as long as they fit within the carrier area 
   - Simple, intuitive design supplied with storage case  

New XL Blue Ultra-High Resolution Imaging Plate  
Offers extended resolution for the most demanding and critical shots. XL Blue performance exceeds that of many other plates available today.
   - Resolution up to 35% better compared to our current HR plates1 
   - Available in 20 different sizes
   - Not restricted to only users of HPX-1

[1] results may vary based on shot quality, spatial frequency, beam conditions and beam energy

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