TransScreen HE Sensitivity Comparisons

Technical Comparison of Current Film and Screen Systems vs. BioMax TranScreen HE System

Figure 1
HE Sensitivity Comparisons

Comparative sensitivity of BioMax TranScreen HE/BioMax MS Film to commonly used autoradiography system for 32P nucleic acid on membranes.

Analysis of Screen/Film System Responses to 32P.

Figure 2
Screen-Film System Responses to 32P

Figures 1 and 2 demonstrate that both BioMax TranScreen HE/BioMax MS film and BioMax MS screen/BioMax MS film offer the greatest sensitivity for 32P. Figure1 further demonstrates the enhanced image quality of the BioMax TranScreen HE/BioMax MS film system compared to the BioMax MS screen/BioMax MS film.

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