Patient-Centric Radiology Workflow Anywhere

Vue Connect, powered by Carestream’s unique SuperPACS Architecture, lets healthcare providers manage patient information regardless of location by synchronizing multi-vendor and multi-site RIS+PACS.

  • Features
  • PACS Replacement


C-Suite: Optimize patient care, productivity and cost savings

  • Manage disparate radiology solutions without replacing existing RIS/PACS
  • Optimize patient care, productivity, resource utilization and cost savings
  • Functions in a wide variety of environments, from reading groups to multi-site enterprises

IT Managers: Increase flexibility and optimize workflow

  • Synchronize sites regardless of vendor platform, age, location or network speed
  • Manage multiple patient IDs via IHE profiles
  • Add new sites seamlessly

Radiologists: Increase reading and reporting capability

  • Provides anytime, anywhere access to a common user interface and single set of applications, even when reading for multiple sites
  • Delivers current and prior studies to the desktop with minimal delay—all while managing multiple patient IDs
  • Access to patient history and diagnostic results across sites improves collaboration

RIS/PACS Administrators: Support better, faster patient care

  • Balances reading among radiologists with a common global worklist
  • Provides quick access to data via tunneling and streaming
  • Optimizes productivity with intelligent rules based on radiologist workload, subspecialty and availability

PACS Replacement

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