BioMax MS Film

BioMax MS film is a high-performance, all-purpose, maximum sensitivity autoradiography film. When used with BioMax TranScreen HE intensifying screen, BioMax MS delivers 4 to 8 times greater sensitivity in the detection of 32P compared to any other autoradiography film and intensifying screen combination available today. Coated on both sides of a clear base with advanced "T-grain" technology emulsion, BioMax MS film is extremely sensitive to the light emitted from BioMax intensifying screens.

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Maximum Sensitivity:

BioMax MS film can be used with BioMax TranScreen LE intensifying screen for maximum performance, offering equal or better sensitivity as BioMax XAR film/generic intensifying screen, but with twice the resolution.


The high sensitivity and maximum speed performance of BioMax MS film makes it the best general purpose autoradiography film available in the market today. Suitable for chemiluminescence and can be used with any autoradiography intensifying screen. (although BioMax MR and BioMax Light films and different screen combos yield best results.)

Processing Options:

BioMax MS Film is suitable for both manual and automated processing.


Available Sizes