BioMax MS Screen

The BioMax MS intensifying screen is optimized for use with BioMax MS film to maximize sensitivity for detection of 32 P and 125 I labeled samples. It is the most sensitive intensifying screen available for use in autoradiography. The BioMax MS intensifying screen may be used with any autoradiography film to increase sensitivity, however, maximum sensitivity is achieved in combination with the BioMax MS film.

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BioMax MS Intensifying Screen (1 per box)



(20x25cm; 8x10in)

851 8706

(35x43cm; 14x17in)

898 1706

(13x18cm; 5x7in)

814 2358


875 7270


896 7754


877 0331

Intensifying Screen Cleaner and Antistatic Solution 
CAT # 106 4930