EC Lightweight Cassette for Oncology Imaging

's EC Lightweight cassettes combine all the features of its predecessors, the X-OMATIC and X-OMAT cassettes with a new design that makes it 45% lighter. The EC lightweight cassette is compatible with 's Multiloaders 700 plus and 7000, and can be used interchangeably with existing cassettes.

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Tight contact, tough build, and ease of use 

  • A 45% reduction in weight* allows for easier handling and eases technologist fatique.
  • cassettes use curved front and back panels to roll air out from between film and screens as the cassette is closed tocreate excellent film/screen contact, reduce blur and improve sharpness.
  • Cassettes are built tough to satisfy all your imaging needs. Impact-resistant edges, corners, and a durable hinge are some of the features that help the cassette maintain remarkable screen-film contact and light integrity.
  • The single latch design in a cassette offers quick and easy one-handed usage.
  • Self-sticking labels conveniently fit on cassette edge grooves to make identification of cassette type easy.


Available Sizes